Boris Johnson must be hating being PM – and these days that counts as good news | Marina Hyde

Have you seen his inbox? It’s all pandemic and Brexit blowback. Don’t tell me he doesn’t want his old life back

Face it: “Matt Hancock stars as Pandemic Minister” is one of the all-time WTF pieces of science-adjacent casting. Not since the Bond movie where Denise Richards played a nuclear scientist disabling warheads will you have felt quite so unconvinced. “What do I need to defuse this nuclear bomb?” wonders Bond, only for Denise to answer: “Me.” Oh dear. Well, I guess humans had a good innings.

Richards would go on to take the Golden Raspberry for her performance as Dr Christmas Jones (a fine addition to the pantheon of fictional scientists with radioactively silly names, placing her alongside the likes of Bernard Quatermass and The Muppets’ Bunsen Honeydew).

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