Do I really look like Ukraine’s top general? I have a much nicer forehead | Adrian Chiles

Valerii Zaluzhnyi and I both have deeply furrowed brows. Should one or both of us be thinking about Botox?

About 15 years ago, an Australian woman I worked with took me to one side and told me I should get Botox. I was busy building a career as a television presenter and she felt very strongly that, if I wasn’t careful, something would hold me back. “It’s that frown line across the middle of your forehead. It’s kind of distracting,” she said. “It’ll only get worse,” she added. Her tone was neither kind nor unkind. No particular offence was taken.

She was right about one thing: it has got worse. I was barely in my 40s then. The line has since deepened, into first a crevice and then a canyon. Around the time of my 50th birthday, the tops of the canyon sides closed up, turning it into a kind of tunnel, I suppose you’d have to call it. No daylight gets in there unless I physically pull my forehead back. Or I’m very astonished by something. These days – I’m 57 next month – it’s so deep that to clean it properly I need to use a small toothbrush. You’d be amazed what turns up in there.

Adrian Chiles is a broadcaster, writer and Guardian columnist

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