217 articles from THURSDAY 3.10.2019

Identifying a gene for canine night blindness

Researchers have identified the gene mutation responsible for a form of night blindness in dogs. Strategies to treat this condition, which affects a layer of neurons just below the primary photoreceptor cells, could also inform treatment of other diseases that rely on targeting this cell type.

Nasa invites bids from firms to build lunar lander for 2024 mission

Artemis project aims to create a ‘sustained’ human presence on the moon by 2028There can be no doubt that Nasa is serious about trying to land astronauts on the moon by 2024.Even though the Artemis programme has yet to be fully funded, Nasa has issued a call to US companies for a lunar landing spacecraft that will place the first woman and the next man on the moon’s surface. The call has...

NASA-Created Map Saves $1.2 Million in Staff Time

A NASA-created map that consolidated 26 different post-fire data sets can now do in minutes what used to take federal, state and local agencies 800 hours to compile. In 2018, a record year for fires, that saved those agencies the equivalent of more than $1.2 million dollars in staff time. The RECOVER website map showing how users can select various data sets; in this case, fire-affected...