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NTT Introduces Commercial RedTaction 'Firmo' Security Device

NTT has developed a means to harness the Human Area Network to create Firmo. Firmo utilizes RedTaction which is a human body communication technology. It uses the surface of the human body as a transmission path. The Firmo Kit is used as an alternative to short-range wireless security card entrance/exit systems. NTT claims Firmo provides a higher degree of security than other technologies.

Swedish court convicts man of file sharing

A Swedish court on Monday handed down a suspended sentence and a 10,000-kronor (1,655-dollar, 1,070-euro) fine to a man found guilty of sharing some 4,500 music files and 30 films on the Internet.

Taxing Jobs Pay Off in the End

A new study shows that people with lower IQs benefit from complex mental activity during their careers by avoiding brain deterioration

MONDAY 5. MAY 2008

As prices rise, find ways to trim grocery bills

The rising cost of gas, diesel fuel and other forms of energy can affect the price of many other things that we purchase, from milk and bread to coffee and sugar. It can be a real challenge to keep family food costs manageable in today's economy, according to a foods expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.