333 articles from WEDNESDAY 2.9.2020

Viruses on glaciers highlight evolutionary mechanism to overcome host defenses

An international team of scientists led by Christopher Bellas from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, studying life on the surface of glaciers in the Arctic and Alps challenge assumptions on virus evolution. Their study, now published in the journal Nature Communications shows that, contrary to expectations, the viruses on glaciers in the Alps, Greenland and Spitsbergen are remarkably stable in...

Why naming neurons can help cure brain disease

A group of 74 scientists proposed the use of single-cell RNA sequencing as the skeleton for a unified classification of cortical neurons. The "Copenhagen Classification" came out of an international meeting on cortical neurons two years ago.

Zooming in on dark matter

Cosmologists have zoomed in on the smallest clumps of dark matter in a virtual universe - which could help us to find the real thing in space.

Zooming in on dark matter

An international research team led by Prof. WANG Jie from the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) used supercomputers in China and Europe to zoom in on a typical region of a virtual universe as if zooming in on an image of the Moon to see a flea on its surface.

COVID-19 antibodies present in patients four months after recovery - study

In previous studies, antibody levels dropped sharply within a few months after COVID-19, raising questions about the duration of immunity that infection may provide. The new finding may have implications for reinfection risks and vaccine durability, said Kari Stefansson, chief executive of deCode Genetics, which conducted the study. To get a sense of how many people in Iceland had been infected...

Coronavirus live news: US 'won't cooperate with WHO on vaccine' as Europe

White House condemns ‘corrupt’ international work on treatment; top UK doctor suggest Covid-19 could ‘fizzle out’; Hungary closes borders again. Follow all the developments liveSchools reopen across Europe as cases growUS refuses to cooperate with WHO on vaccineScotland rules holidaymakers returning from Greece must isolateFollow updates from Australia 12.33am BST The US refusal to...

Microplastic pollution devastating soil species, study finds

Researchers in China saw big reductions in organisms that play a crucial role in recycling carbon and nitrogenMicroplastic pollution causes significant damage to populations of soil-dwelling mites, larvae and other tiny creatures that maintain the fertility of the land, research has found.The study notes that discarded bags, cups, threads and other forms of plastic waste are concentrated more in...

US refuses to join international effort to develop Covid-19 vaccine

Decision is ‘real blow’ to Covax project, expert saysWhite House blames stance on role of WHO and ChinaThe US government has said that it will not participate in a global initiative to develop, manufacture and equitably distribute a vaccine for Covid-19 because the effort is co-led by the World Health Organization.The Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access Facility (Covax) is a plan developed by the...