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Pattern in whale songs predicts migration

Through the use of two advanced audio recording technologies, a collaboration of Monterey Bay researchers has found that blue whales switch from nighttime to daytime singing when they are starting to migrate.

Penn Medicine researchers discover a rare genetic form of dementia

A new, rare genetic form of dementia has been discovered by a team of Penn Medicine researchers. This discovery also sheds light on a new pathway that leads to protein build up in the brain -- which causes this newly discovered disease, as well as related neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's Disease -- that could be targeted for new therapies. The study was published today in Science.

People with Parkinson's disease have a higher risk of dying from COVID-19

A new database analysis of approximately 80,000 patients shows that people with Parkinson's disease (PD) have a 30% higher death rate from COVID-19 than people without the neurodegenerative condition. The new analysis of patient data in the TriNetX COVID-19 research network conducted by University of Iowa researchers and published in Movement Disorders suggests that Parkinson's disease is an...

Record-breaking, floating laser resonator

Physical Review X recently reported on a new optical resonator from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology that is unprecedented in resonance enhancement. Developed by graduate student Jacob Kher-Alden under the supervision of Professor Tal Carmon, the Technion-born resonator has record-breaking capabilities in resonance enhancement.

Research: COVID-19 is echoed in dreams

Research has shown that the exceptional circumstances brought about by the novel coronavirus have affected the nightmares people have. The Sleep and Mind research group at the University of Helsinki employed artificial intelligence to investigate people's dreams.

Researchers reveal which benign breast disease is most likely to develop into cancer

Benign breast diseases, which are non-cancerous disorders of the breast, such as lumps, are known to increase the chances of subsequent breast cancer. Now a team of Spanish researchers have found that the way BBD is detected as part of a national screening programme is an indication of which are more likely to become cancerous. The research is presented at the 12th European Breast Cancer...

Scientists map genes controlling immune system 'brakes'

Researchers at Gladstone Institutes, in collaboration with scientists at UC San Francisco (UCSF) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), have mapped out the networks of genes that help differentiate regulatory T cells from other T cells. Their findings could lead to immune therapies that strengthen or weaken the function of regulatory T cells.

Social isolation increases anxiety and asymmetry in brain atrophy in Alzheimer's disease

A study in mice conducted by the UAB shows that social isolation worsens the effects of Alzheimer's disease, with hyperactivity levels reaching up to twice as much as in the pathology itself, and confirms an increase in the asymmetric atrophy of the hippocampus, a brain area central to memory. The study was published in a special edition of Frontiers in Psychiatry entitled Death and Mourning...

Stem cells can help repair spinal cord after injury

Spinal cord injury often leads to permanent functional impairment. In a new study published in the journal Science researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden show that it is possible to stimulate stem cells in the mouse spinal cord to form large amounts of new oligodendrocytes, cells that are essential to the ability of neurons to transmit signals, and thus to help repair the spinal cord after...

Sticking together

In unraveling how a single cell develops into a complex organism, one vexing question has remained for developmental biology: How do robust patterns form in the body? An answer has now been found for the zebrafish neural tube. In this paradigm of patterned tissues, the varying stickiness of cells combined with gradients of signaling molecules is responsible for generating a robust pattern. This is...

Study details strategies to address barriers keeping older adults out of clinical trials

A study revealed little effort has been made to improve older adult representation in clinical trials of new cancer drugs, even when the treatment is aimed at a disease that disproportionately affects this age group. "There is currently no incentive to establish real-world effectiveness among older adults. Older adults need a seat at the table," said Dr. Mina Sedrak, lead author, adding 2 in 5...

Study finds yoga and meditation reduce chronic pain

A mindfulness-based stress reduction course was found to benefit patients with chronic pain and depression, leading to significant improvement in participant perceptions of pain, mood and functional capacity, according to a study in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Most of the study respondents (89%) reported the program helped them find ways to better cope with their pain...