22 articles from SATURDAY 5.6.2021

Share vaccines or climate deal will fail, rich countries are told

Call for ‘solidarity’ in Covid fight as Boris Johnson calls on world leaders to help vaccinate global population by end of 2022Progress on climate change could be scuppered by developing nations if they are not given equitable access to vaccines, Boris Johnson has been warned, as rich nations come under new pressure to donate more doses.Figures compiled by the Observer show that the wealthiest...

Weatherwatch: how dust storms heighten risk of Valley fever

US scientists develop system using a cake tin and marbles to forecast areas posing biggest health threatThe Roman writer Vitruvius wrote of an unhealthy wind blowing off the city’s marshlands, bringing sickness. While this ancient miasmal theory of infection was superseded by germ theory, researchers have found that dust storms really can spread pathogens. Scientists from George Mason...

Mining-related deforestation in the Amazon

If you're wearing gold jewelry right now, there's a good chance it came from an illegal mining operation in the tropics and surfaced only after some rainforest was sacrificed, according to researchers who studied regulatory efforts to curb some of these environmentally damaging activities.