25 articles from SATURDAY 28.8.2021

Louisiana braces for 'life-altering' Hurricane Ida

Residents across Louisiana's coast Saturday were taking one last day to prepare for what is being described as a "life-altering" Hurricane Ida which is expected to bring winds as high as 140 mph (225 kph) when it slams ashore.

EXPLAINER: Is New Orleans protected from a hurricane?

New Orleans finds itself in the path of Hurricane Ida 16 years to the day after floodwalls collapsed and levees were overtopped by a storm surge driven by Hurricane Katrina. That flooding killed more than 1,000 people and caused billions in damage. But Ida arrives at the doorstep of a region transformed since 2005 by a giant civil works project and closer attention to flood control.

An oral history of Oxford/AstraZeneca: ‘Making a vaccine in a year is like landing a human on the moon’

It has shipped more than a billion doses, saved countless lives – and faced controversy over its safety and supply. Here, some of those who created the vaccine tell the story of their epic race against the virusIn December 2019, hospitals in Wuhan, China, reported that they were dealing with dozens of cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause. They soon identified the disease as being caused by a...

Victorian health minister says NSW’s 1,000 Covid cases a day is not ‘a sign of hope’

Martin Foley announces 64 new cases and says Victoria should not follow NSW on restrictionsThe Victorian health minister, Martin Foley, has dismissed suggestions that Victoria should follow New South Wales in easing some restrictions before the Covid outbreak appears to be under control, saying that easing restrictions is not a sign of hope if daily case numbers keep climbing.He also dismissed a...

NSW records worst daily Covid total and apologises for booking blunder as ACT defers lockdown decision

NSW Ambulance service says it has been unable to keep up with demand after trivial call-outsFollow our Covid live blog for the latest updatesRestrictions: NSW; Vic; Qld; borders; Hotspots: NSW; Vic; QldVaccine rollout tracker; get our free news app; get our morning email briefingNew South Wales has reported another record number of new Covid cases as the state’s ambulance service warned it was...

Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 64 new cases as NSW and ACT brace for surge

Western Australia releases exposure sites visited by two NSW truck drivers who were told they had tested positive after they arrived in the stateShepparton’s multicultural community ‘on the brink’ in Covid lockdownCovid abnormal: why is Australia so far behind on making its own mRNA vaccines?‘None of this is normal or sustainable’: the impossibility of working from home without...

The physics behind a tardigrade's lumbering gait

Animals as small and soft as tardigrades seldom have legs and almost never bother walking. But a new study finds that water bears propel themselves through sediment and soil on eight stubby legs, in a manner resembling that of insects 500,000 times their size.

Nanoscale systems for generating various forms of light

In new findings published in Nature Communications, researchers from Louisiana State University and four collaborating universities have introduced a discovery that changes a paradigm in quantum plasmonics by demonstrating the potential of metallic nanostructures to produce different forms of light.

Common pesticide may contribute to global obesity crisis

Researchers discovered that chlorpyrifos, which is banned for use on foods in Canada but widely sprayed on fruits and vegetables in many other parts of the world, slows down the burning of calories in the brown adipose tissue of mice. Reducing this burning of calories, a process known as diet-induced thermogenesis, causes the body to store these extra calories, promoting obesity. Scientists made...

Delta variant doubles risk of hospitalisation, new study finds

Outbreak of Delta Covid cases likely to put strain on health services in areas with low vaccination rates, experts sayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Delta variant doubles the risk of Covid hospitalisation compared with the previously dominant Alpha variant, a new study focused largely on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people has found.The analysis – based...