160 articles from THURSDAY 20.10.2022

New paper highlights the importance of locational strategy in business

A new paper published in Global Strategy Journal argues that business leaders should make a greater effort to understand locational strategy, a framework used for understanding how an organization's geographical decisions fit into the broader corporate strategy. According to the study authors, this knowledge could give businesses an edge over their competition, as locational decisions can affect...

'Nanoreactor' grows hydrogen-storage crystals

Neutron scattering techniques were used as part of a study of a novel "nanoreactor" material that grows crystalline hydrogen clathrates, or HCs, capable of storing hydrogen. The researchers, from ORNL and the University of Alicante, or UA, were inspired by nature, where methane hydrates grow in the pores and voids within natural sediments.

The Webb Telescope’s New ‘Pillars of Creation’ Picture Is Absolutely Dazzling

Few people were paying much attention to the doings at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on April 1, 1995. The big news that day included the end of Major League Baseball’s 232-day players’ strike; the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Haiti, after helping to support the embattled government of President Jean-Betrand...

Digital strategy 'a tricky dance' for politicians

Elizabeth Losh, the Duane A. and Virginia S. Dittman Professor of American Studies and English at William & Mary, is paying close attention to the social media posts of candidates running for office in the upcoming mid-term elections.

A modern history of ancient trees, through the lens of climate change

Humans have a long history of venerating ancient trees. That reverence and care taking took a modern turn in the 18th century, when naturalists embarked on a quest to locate and date the oldest living things on Earth, as historian Jared Farmer narrates in "Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees." His book, which hits shelves this week, takes readers from Lebanon to New Zealand to...

A new instrument will measure temperature, pressure and wind on Venus

The VASI (Venus Atmospheric Structure Investigation) instrument aboard NASA's Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging, or DAVINCI, mission to Venus, together with the other instruments on this mission, aims to investigate Venus's mysterious atmosphere by painting a more detailed picture of it than ever before.

Shadow hunters capture Didymos asteroid eclipsing stars

After months of effort, astronomers have succeeded in capturing the momentary shadow cast by the Didymos asteroid, from tens of million kilometers away as it passed in front of far-distant stars—a feat of observation only made possible when both the trajectory of the asteroid and the precise location of the stars are known. Even in that case, to have a chance of success, several observers had to...