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Psychedelic brew ayahuasca’s profound impact revealed in brain scans

Study gives most advanced picture yet of DMT compound’s effect on advanced functions such as imaginationThe brew is so potent that practitioners report not only powerful hallucinations, but near-death experiences, contact with higher-dimensional beings, and life-transforming voyages through alternative realities. Often before throwing up, or having trouble at the other end.Now, scientists have...

Gigapixel 3D microscope captures life in unprecedented detail

Researchers have developed a new type of microscope that stitches together video from 54 individual cameras and lenses. Whether recording high-speed, 3D, gigapixel movies of the behavior of dozens of freely swimming zebrafish or the grooming activity of fruit flies at near cellular-level detail across a very wide field of view, the device is opening new possibilities to researchers the world over.

Study uses base editing to correct mutation that causes rare immune deficiency

A condition called CD3 delta SCID is caused by a mutation in the CD3D gene, which prevents the production of the CD3 delta protein that is needed for the normal development of T cells from blood stem cells. Researchers showed that a new genome editing technique called base editing can correct the mutation that causes CD3 delta SCID in blood stem cells and restore their ability to produce T cells....

After misconduct claims, star botanist has second paper retracted

Steven Newmaster, a prominent University of Guelph (UG) botanist and entrepreneur who has faced allegations of scientific misconduct, has had another paper retracted without his consent. Last week the Canadian Journal of Forest Research pulled a study in which Newmaster and colleagues said they used a genetic identification system known as DNA barcoding...

L.A. Youth Robotics Competition Leaves Student Teams Energized

Portal origin URL: L.A. Youth Robotics Competition Leaves Student Teams EnergizedPortal origin nid: 486233Published: Monday, March 20, 2023 - 17:18Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Supported by volunteers from JPL and the aerospace industry, the annual regional FIRST Robotics event makes an impact on young competitors and adult mentors alike.Portal...

Mystery solved after strange lights spotted over California night sky

Astronomer says unusual sighting 99.9% certain to be due to burning space debris from International Space StationWeeks after a balloon, an “octagonal structure” and other flying objects put Americans on edge, the US is dealing with another mysterious phenomenon in the sky.On Friday night in Sacramento, St Patrick’s Day partiers spotted streaks of light blazing a path through the California...

Local manure regulations can help reduce water pollution from dairy farms

Animal agriculture is a major source of water pollution in the United States, as manure runoff carries excess nutrients into rivers and lakes. Because of their non-point source nature, most farms are not regulated under the federal Clean Water Act. This leaves pollution control up to the states, resulting in a patchwork of different approaches that are difficult to evaluate.

New research shows the prevalence of 'himpathy' towards perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment

Managers spend much of their time managing conflict and struggle to know how to respond when a "he said, she said" workplace dispute occurs. However, a new study shows how employees' intuitive moral values might give rise to feelings of sympathy toward alleged perpetrators and anger toward their accusing victims. The research, published in Organization Science, also offers novel insights into what...

Workers' and bosses' trust in teleworking is key, says study

In recent years, teleworking—spurred by the implementation of information and communication technologies and the recent pandemic, particularly—has become a feature of many jobs. Many companies have now made this form of working available to their employees, but it is still far from common practice in today's labor market.

What Darwin couldn't see: Expedition to uncover invisible life in Galápagos

An international research team led by the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) is to search for invisible life in the Galápagos Islands. The diversity of bacteria and other microscopic organisms may not be evident to the naked eye, but it is essential to nature; for example, to the islands' giant daisies, unique endemic plants that are currently under threat.