64 articles from MONDAY 29.5.2023

Robot centipedes go for a walk

Researchers show how their multilegged walking robot can be steered by inducing a dynamic instability. By making the couplings between segments more flexible, the robot changes from walking straight to moving in a curved path. This work can lead to more energy-efficient and reliable robotic navigation of terrain.

Super low-cost smartphone attachment brings blood pressure monitoring to your fingertips

Engineers have developed a simple 3D-printed attachment that clips over a smartphone's camera and flash to measure blood pressure at the user's fingertip. The clip works with a custom smartphone app and currently costs about 80 cents to make. Researchers say it could help make regular blood pressure monitoring easy, affordable and accessible to people in resource-poor communities.

New York City Is Slowly Sinking Under Its Own Weight, Study Finds

(NEW YORK) — If rising oceans aren’t worry enough, add this to the risks New York City faces: The metropolis is slowly sinking under the weight of its skyscrapers, homes, asphalt and humanity itself. New research estimates the city’s landmass is sinking at an average rate of 1 to 2 millimeters per year, something referred to as “subsidence.” That natural process...

Tea, apples and berries could stave off age-related memory loss, study suggests

Research found 71-year-olds with high flavanol consumption had better memory functionPeople who have a diet rich in flavanols, which are found in tea, apples and berries, may be less likely to develop age-related memory loss, research suggests.A three-year study of 3,562 people aged about 71 found those with high regular flavanol consumption had better hippocampal memory function, which includes...

Even lawyers don't like legalese: Study

It's no secret that legal documents are notoriously difficult to understand, causing headaches for anyone who has had to apply for a mortgage or review any other kind of contract. A new MIT study reveals that the lawyers who produce these documents don't like them very much either.

Mapping the conflict between farming and biodiversity

It's well known that producing foods such as beef can have an outsized footprint when it comes to carbon emissions. But a new study shows that some of these same staples can have an equally huge effect when it comes to biodiversity losses.

120-city study: 22% reduction in urban traffic emissions in 15 years without quality of life decline is possible

How do you make transport in the world's big cities more climate-friendly without putting too much pressure on people? A model-based study of 120 major cities around the globe now shows how these two major goals can be reconciled. Subject to the condition that the quality of life is not allowed to decline in any of these cities, tailor-made climate policy in transport can reduce greenhouse gas...

Using psychedelics for depression is exciting area, says ex-vaccines chief

Kate Bingham, who chaired UK’s Covid vaccine taskforce, tells Hay festival she hopes mind-altering drugs could treat mental illnessThe former chair of the UK’s Covid vaccine taskforce has described the use of psychedelics to treat depression as an “area of real excitement” in a talk at the Hay literary festival in Wales.Speaking at a panel event alongside the UK government’s former chief...

A simple model to evaluate skeletal muscle-macrophage interaction during skeletal muscle regeneration

A research group led by Dr. Naoya Kase and Prof. Megumu Saito have successfully established a model to evaluate skeletal muscle regeneration efficiency and determine how macrophages contribute to the process by using a simple culture method that does not rely on special cell culture conditions. The results of this study were published online in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology on May...

Want to be an asteroid miner? There's a database for that

Asteroid mining is slowly but surely coming closer to reality. Many start-ups and governmental agencies alike are getting in on the action. But plenty of tools that would help get this burgeoning industry off the ground are still unavailable. One that would be particularly useful is a list of potential candidate asteroids to visit. While the information has been available in various places, no one...

Study finds familiarity promotes resident cooperation with volunteers in waste separation

Imagine when you take out leftover food and throw it away, and a volunteer in front of the bucket tells you to separate the waste. If you have two options, one is to do it by yourself, and the other is not to sort the waste or even to give it to the volunteer for sorting. If the volunteer were a stranger, which one would you choose? If the volunteer were a friend, which one would you choose?