40 articles from SATURDAY 23.9.2023

Why invasive ants are a silent threat to our ecosystems

Invertebrates are often described by experts as the "little things that run the world," and ants are certainly one of the top contenders for this role. Ants help ecosystems to function normally and the total weight of all ants on Earth is roughly equivalent to 1.4 billion people, or 33 Empire State Buildings.

Entries open for Indian astrophotography contest

In space science, India is going from strength to strength, from the recent Moon landing of Chandrayaan-3 to the launch of the solar observing satellite Aditya-L1. That growth also extends to the amateur community: In the past few years, the astroimaging scene in India has taken off — and the nation’s largest astrophotography contest reflectsContinue reading "Entries open for Indian...

Eat beans and scratch your own back – expert advice on how to age better, inside and out

From exercise and eating tips to brain health and balance challenges: this is what you need to knowForget lifespan: increasingly, healthspan – the years that we feel healthy and active – has become the holy grail among gerontologists. “You only need to watch the Veteran Games to understand the capacity of the human body to age well,” says physiotherapist Bhanu Ramaswamy.While there’s no...