134 articles from WEDNESDAY 22.11.2023

Study shows how leaders can break down 'benevolent marginalization'

There has been significant growth in the implementation of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives in the workplace—but that doesn't mean businesses are getting it right. In their efforts to break down barriers, firms often end up marginalizing disadvantaged groups, resulting in more harm than good.

Researchers develop AI model that uses satellite images to detect plastic in oceans

More and more plastic litter ends up in oceans every day. Satellite images can help detect accumulations of litter along shores and at sea so that it can be taken out. A research team has developed a new artificial intelligence model that recognizes floating plastics much more accurately in satellite images than before, even when the images are partly covered by clouds or weather conditions are...

Low-pH-dependent RNA binding and oligomerization of SID-1 transmembrane family proteins: Implications for RNA transport

In C. elegans, the protein SID1 plays a crucial role in the systemic RNA interference process by facilitating the transport of exogenous double-stranded RNA into the cytoplasm. Previously, Chen-Yu Zhang's group has already demonstrated that intact plant miRNA found in dietary sources can be absorbed through the mammalian digestive system and mediate cross-kingdom gene regulation.

NASA uses two worlds to test future Mars helicopter designs

For the first time in history, two planets have been home to testing future aircraft designs. In this world, a new rotor that could be used with next-generation Mars helicopters was recently tested at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, spinning at near-supersonic speeds (0.95 Mach). Meanwhile, the agency's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has achieved new altitude and airspeed...

Mind the gap: Study shows estimates of current land-based emissions vary between models due to differing definitions

A new study published in Nature demonstrates that estimates of current land-based emissions vary between scientific models and national greenhouse gas inventories due to differing definitions of what qualifies as "managed" land and human-induced, or anthropogenic removals on that land, and shows how global mitigation benchmarks change when accounting for land use, land-use change, and forestry...

Combining extreme-ultraviolet light sources to resolve a quantum mechanical dissociation mechanism in oxygen molecules

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in selectively exciting a molecule using a combination of two extreme-ultraviolet light sources and causing the molecule to dissociate while tracking it over time. This is another step towards specific quantum mechanical control of chemical reactions, which could enable new, previously unknown reaction channels.

How certain media talk about AI may have everything to do with political ideology

Even as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes embedded into every fabric our daily lives—from language translation to virtual personal assistants—it continues to be a divisive issue. As its reach expands, Virginia Tech researchers are seeking to understand which sections of society might be more receptive to AI and which sections may be more averse to it.

Climate economists identify interventions that could rescue 1.5°C Paris Agreement goal

To meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and limit global heating to 1.5°C, global annual emissions will need to drop radically over the coming decades. A new paper from climate economists at the University of Oxford says that this goal could still be within our reach. They identify key "sensitive intervention points" that could unlock significant progress towards the Paris Agreement with the...

The galaxy cluster El Gordo moves faster than you might think

When the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) captured its first images in 2022, the scientific community was in awe by the abundance of unprecedented cosmic findings. Now it is peering far back into the early universe and bringing forth new insights into distant, massive galaxies. A recent study led by Elena Asencio, a University ofContinue reading "The galaxy cluster El Gordo moves faster than you...

New remote sensing dataset improves global land change tracking

Tracking unprecedented changes in land use over the past century, global land cover maps provide key insights into the impact of human settlement on the environment. Researchers from Sun Yat-sen University created a large-scale remote sensing annotation dataset to support Earth observation research and provide new insight into the dynamic monitoring of global land cover.

'Math anxiety' causes students to disengage, says study

A new Sussex study has revealed that "math anxiety" can lead to disengagement and create significant barriers to learning. According to charity National Numeracy, more than one-third of adults in the U.K. report feeling worried or stressed when faced with math, a condition known as math anxiety.