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Metagenomics of the deep Mediterranean

Metagenomics is a revolutionary approach to study microbes. Rather than isolating pure cultures, the power of high-throughput sequencing is applied directly to environmental samples to obtain information about the genomes of the prokaryotic cells present in a specific habitat studied. The ocean is an ideal subject of this approach because of its enormous microbiota, whose biomass equals that of...

MySpace Launches Targeted Ad Program

(AP) -- News Corp.'s MySpace social networking site is using personal details contained on users' profile pages and blogs to sell highly targeted advertising, the company said Tuesday.

Subprime problems signal trouble ahead, research shows

If it seems as though sub-prime mortgage loans stirred up trouble in the financial markets, just wait until debt problems spill over onto household spending. According to economists Barry Cynamon and Steven Fazzari, America's love affair with consumption has been a big source of economic stimulus for a long time. But the party might be about to end. Americans' overextended wallets could trigger...

New Bose Speakers Are Even Smaller

(AP) -- Bose Corp. introduced new $399 speakers on Tuesday designed to provide top-quality sound from a desktop and capitalize on the emergence of the computer as a home music center.

Increase in atmospheric moisture tied to human activities

Observations and climate model results confirm that human-induced warming of the planet is having a pronounced effect on the atmosphere`s total moisture content. Those are the findings of a new study appearing in the Sept. 17 online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


EBay stops sale of Belgium

Internet auction website eBay on Monday withdrew an unusual second-hand sale item, the country of Belgium, which had attracted an offer of 10 million euros (13.9 million dollars).

AOL Wants to Consolidate Digital Media

(AP) -- AOL wants to become your digital warehouse. Its BlueString service, announced Monday, is intended as a repository for all your media files. It'll even keep track of collections you have at competing sites like Yahoo Inc.'s Flickr, and it'll let you create and share slideshows combining photos, video and songs no matter where they are stored.

EU Victory Leaves Questions for Vista

(AP) -- European antitrust regulators' victory over Microsoft was a resounding smack at the software maker's old business practices, but it left analysts divided as to how the company's new businesses, including Windows Vista, might be affected.

FDA OKs Genetic Test Linked to Warfarin

(AP) -- A genetic test that can reveal what patients are especially sensitive to the blood-thinner warfarin won federal approval Monday. Such screenings could prevent thousands of complications each year, health officials estimate.

Google Expands Online Software Suite

(AP) -- Google Inc. has expanded its online suite of office software to include a business presentation tool similar to Microsoft Corp.'s popular PowerPoint, adding the latest twist in a high-stakes rivalry.

Health-related spam

A new study in PLoS Medicine has found that a third of all spam messages advertise health products such as drugs and natural health products and that it is easy to purchase prescription drugs and controlled substances advertised in these messages.