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Woman Delivers 17-Pound Baby

(AP) -- A small Russian city just got a really big addition: a 17-pound, 1 ounce baby whose mother had already delivered 11 other children.

Dell Moves Up Carbon Timeline

(AP) -- Dell Inc. unveiled an environmental plan Wednesday that the computer maker said will make its operations carbon-neutral by 2008, a year earlier than it previously promised.

Microsoft Touts New 'Media Extenders'

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. and its hardware partners are trying to bridge the divide between home computers and TV sets this holiday season with the release of several "media extenders."

Senate to Hike Health Care Reimbursement

(AP) -- The Senate has voted to allow the Pentagon to raise reimbursement rates for mental health treatment, following reports that soldiers returning from war have had difficulty getting services because of reduced payments to therapists.

Court Affirms Part of Vonage Ruling

(AP) -- For the second time in two days, Internet phone company Vonage Holdings Corp. was hit with bad legal news Wednesday when a federal appeals court upheld a jury verdict and injunction against it for patent infringement.

Model for the assembly of advanced, single-molecule-based electronic components developed at Pitt

Researchers based at the University of Pittsburgh have created the best method so far of assembling wire-like structures only a single molecule wide, a significant step in science's increasing attempts to reduce the circuitry size of electronic devices to the single molecule scale and provide smaller, faster, and more energy efficient electronics. The findings were published online today in the...

Poll: Many Pessimistic About Environment

(AP) -- People want their leaders to move boldly to help the environment but give them dismal grades for their actions so far, according to a poll released Wednesday that highlighted rampant pessimism on the issue.

Review: HD Video With a Small Camcorder

(AP) -- Consumers are racing to replace their aging televisions with high-definition TVs. Trouble is, many are still using devices and services that can't fill those HDTVs with enough visual information to make them look their best.

1 in 3 Parents Say Kids Online Too Much

(AP) -- A third of parents believe children spend too much time online, and mothers worry far more than fathers about whether certain Internet sites are appropriate for kids, according to a new survey.

Online Gambling Law Challenged

(AP) -- A gambling industry group argued in federal court Wednesday that a new federal law against transmitting online bets outside the United States violates people's right to gamble in the privacy of their own homes.


'Jumping genes' could make for safer gene delivery system

To move a gene from point A to point B, scientists and gene therapists have two proven options: a virus, which can effectively ferry genes of interest into cells, and a plasmid, an engineered loop of DNA that can do the same thing, albeit usually only on a short-term basis.