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Dismay over failed HIV vaccine

Disappointing results for a promising anti-AIDS vaccine have dealt a major blow to international efforts to stem the spread of the devastating disease.

From India to Indjija -- Serb town in IT park deal

Goran Jesic, a young mayor with a reputation for investment coups, will sign a deal this week with an Indian company to build an IT park here, yet another win for this tiny Serbian town already hailed as an "economic miracle."

US cities' Wi-Fi dreams fading fast

Ambitious plans for big Wi-Fi networks to provide free or low-cost wireless Internet access are being abandoned or scaled back by US cities as the economics of the deals turn out to be more challenging than expected.

China hits back at hacking charges

China is worse hit by computer hackers than any Western nation, a Chinese military expert was quoted as saying Saturday in an apparent response to claims it was the source of attacks on US systems.


Vitamin E trials 'fatally flawed'

Generations of studies on vitamin E may be largely meaningless, scientists say, because new research has demonstrated that the levels of this micronutrient necessary to reduce oxidative stress are far higher than those that have been commonly used in clinical trials.

Fox to Offer Season Premieres on ITunes

(AP) -- The season premieres of seven Fox Broadcasting shows will be offered on Apple Inc.'s iTunes store for free in the latest example of TV networks using the Web to create interest in their shows.

In the dark: science still mystified by stuff of universe

Most of the universe -- 96 percent, to be exact -- is made of dark matter and energy whose composition we simply do not fathom, a Nobel laureate told physicists gathered this week to explore the intersection of the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

Microsoft CEO's Pay Valued at $1.3M

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer received a pay package valued about $1.3 million for fiscal 2007, a year in which profit at the world's largest software maker topped $14 billion, according to documents filed Friday.

Mortgage Data Leaked Over File Network

(AP) -- Three spreadsheets containing more than 5,000 Social Security numbers and other personal details about customers of ABN Amro Mortgage Group were inadvertently leaked over an online file-sharing network by a former employee.

Rare Hummingbird Spotted in Wisconsin

(AP) -- Birdwatchers are descending on a rural area near this southern Wisconsin community following the sighting of what is believed to be a green-breasted mango, a type of hummingbird commonly seen in parts of Mexico and Central America.

Google's Stock Price Soars to New High

(AP) -- Google Inc.'s stock reached a new high Friday, reflecting Wall Street's renewed faith in the Internet search leader as it introduces new ways for advertisers to reach its steadily expanding online audience.

Leave Britney Alone Guy Is New Web Star

(AP) -- Chris Crocker has been called "queer," "a human train wreck," the "Britney guy," an androgynous "it" and much, much worse. But how does this 19-year-old Internet phenomenon, known worldwide for his tearful YouTube defense of Britney Spears, define himself?

Infineon Cuts Qimonda Stake

(AP) -- Semiconductor maker Infineon Technologies AG said Friday that it has reduced its stake in Qimonda AG, the memory unit it listed in 2006, raising about $272 million.


NASA Replaces Leaky Seal on Discovery

(AP) -- NASA has replaced a leaky hydraulic seal in space shuttle Discovery's landing gear, and if testing continues to go well, next month's launch will remain on track, officials said Friday.

Are these indecent exposure laws a fad or are they here to stay?

A growing number of cities have enacted laws that would make wearing saggy or low-slung pants indecent exposure. "It's an interesting question whether these laws would violate the First Amendment as currently understood," says Neil Richards, professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis. "Saggy pants laws form a hybrid case.