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Vulnerable Germ Labs Tough to Identify

(AP) -- Federal terror-fighting agencies can't identify all the American research laboratories that could become targets of attackers, congressional investigators have found.

Medtronic Stent Expected to Be Approved

(AP) -- U.S. doctors haven't seen a new drug-coated stent heart device for years, but that could change soon if the Endeavor stent from Medtronic Inc. wins U.S. regulatory approval. The Minneapolis-based company expects approval by the end of this year.

Judge Won't Block NASA Background Checks

(AP) -- A federal judge denied a request Wednesday by more than two dozen workers at one of NASA's research labs to block a Bush administration directive requiring background checks and access to personal information.

Toyota's Environmental Image Challenged

(AP) -- Never mind that the Toyota Prius is popular with environmentally conscious motorists - some environmentalists still wonder if Toyota is living up to its image as a green automaker.

Minn., Iowa Residents See Flaming Object

(AP) -- Residents from the Twin Cities to the southwestern corner of Minnesota and into Iowa reported seeing a flaming object shooting through the sky Wednesday, and experts said they may have been watching a meteor.


Naturally-occurring apple compounds reduce risk of pancreatic cancer

Eating flavonol-rich foods like apples may help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, says a team of international researchers. Quercetin, which is found naturally in apples and onions, has been identified as one of the most beneficial flavonols in preventing and reducing the risk of pancreatic cancer. Although the overall risk was reduced among the study participants, smokers who consumed foods...

Researcher: Texas Dinosaur Misidentified

(AP) -- Bones discovered in the 1990s that spurred the Legislature to declare the pleurocoelus the state's official dinosaur were misidentified and actually came from a different species, according to a student's research.

Target Lawsuit Given Class-Action Status

(AP) -- A federal judge granted class-action status to a lawsuit alleging that Target Corp. is breaking California and federal law by failing to make its Web site usable for the blind.

Earthquake experts turn to history for guidance

A major quake of magnitude seven on the Richter scale in the politically-fragile region of the Middle East could have dire consequences for precious holy sites and even world peace, says Tel Aviv University geologist Dr. Shmulik Marco. In light of this imminent danger, Marco, from the school`s Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, has taken an historical approach to earthquake...

New volume chronicles recent insights into Earth's interior

A new volume published by the Geological Society of America focuses on techniques that have opened new windows of observation into Earth processes. Advances in High-Pressure Mineralogy highlights recent technical developments in high-pressure mineral physics as well as new results that have changed our understanding of Earth's deep interior.

Researchers devise way to calculate rates of evolution

“Survival of the fittest” has popularly described evolution for more than a century, but a new study published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters provides further evidence that random genetic mutations over millions of years may also play a powerful role.