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Report: Much of the world was drier than usual last year despite La Niña

The World Meteorological Organization has published its first State of Global Water Resources report in order to assess the effects of climate, environmental and societal change on the Earth's water resources. The aim of this annual stocktake is to support monitoring and management of global freshwater resources in an era of growing demand and limited supplies.

Lava from Hawaii volcano lights night sky amid warnings

Waves of orange, glowing lava and ash blasted and billowed from the world's largest active volcano in its first eruption in 38 years, and officials told people living on Hawaii's Big Island to be ready in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Combination of behavior change campaigns and technology could help keep air pollution to a minimum in schools

Surrey's Global Center for Clean Air Research (GCARE) found that campaigns aimed at changing the behavior of parents, teachers and the local community can reduce outdoor nitrogen dioxide exposure by up to 23% compared to business-as-usual activities. However, the study's authors believe behavioral change campaigns should be more inclusive and should consider the school's diverse communities and...

Graphene is a proven supermaterial, but manufacturing the versatile form of carbon at usable scales remains a challenge

"Future chips may be 10 times faster, all thanks to graphene"; "Graphene may be used in COVID-19 detection"; and "Graphene allows batteries to charge 5x faster"—those are just a handful of recent dramatic headlines lauding the possibilities of graphene. Graphene is an incredibly light, strong and durable material made of a single layer of carbon atoms. With these properties, it is no wonder...

Vegetation-free patches encourage ground-nesting wild bees

Relatively little is known about the nesting requirements of ground-nesting wild bees, although nesting sites are of central importance for most wild bee species. There are almost 600 wild bee species in Germany and 75% nest in the soil. To date, however, most of the research has concentrated on the wild bee species that nest above ground in cavities.

Thousands of phages found to have CRISPR gene editing system

A team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and University of California, Los Angeles, working with a colleague from Vilnius University, has found evidence of thousands of phages with DNA strands that should allow them to conduct gene editing on other viruses or bacteria. Their paper has been published in the open-access journal Cell.

Theoretical understanding of electrocatalysis beyond thermodynamic analysis

As green and sustainable development relies on renewable energy, electrocatalysis has become a key technology. Advanced theoretical study is an important means to fundamentally understanding electrocatalytic reactions. Highly efficient methods of carbon-neutralization (eCO2RR), reverse artificial nitrogen cycle (RANC), and oxygen chemistry (OER and ORR) can all be driven by electrocatalysis.

The role of Newtic1 protein in limb regeneration in adult newts

The animal kingdom exhibits a plethora of unique and surprising phenomena or abilities that include, for some animals, the ability to regenerate body parts irrespective of age. Now, researchers from Japan have discovered that the mechanisms behind this peculiar ability in newts have a few surprises of their own.

Discovery, rediscovery, and reassignment: Redefining fungal biodiversity

Despite fungi being some of the most important organisms in the world, their species diversity remains poorly understood. Taxonomy is the basis for biodiversity studies. Now, not only have researchers from Japan investigated a previously undescribed species of fungi, they have also reassigned another species to a different genus and rediscovered a further species in Japan.