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Adobe's 3Q Profit Beats Predictions

(AP) -- Adobe Systems Inc. reported Monday that its third-quarter profit more than doubled from last year, setting a revenue record and easily exceeding Wall Street's expectations as the software company comes off its biggest-ever product launch.


Gene determines whether male body odor smells pleasant

To many, urine smells like urine and vanilla smells like vanilla. But androstenone, a derivative of testosterone that is a potent ingredient in male body odor, can smell like either - depending on your genes. While many people perceive a foul odor from androstenone, usually that of stale urine or strong sweat, others find the scent sweet and pleasant. Still others cannot smell it at all.

Good earth: Chemists show origin of soil-scented geosmin

Brown University chemists have found the origins of an odor - the sweet smell of fresh dirt. In Nature Chemical Biology, the Brown team shows that the protein that makes geosmin - source of the good earth scent - has two similar but distinct halves, each playing a critical role in making this organic compound.

In Health Care Debate, U-Word Is Back

(AP) -- It's been 14 years since first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's health care reform plan sank like a stone, swallowed by fears of a big-government power grab. In the years since, wary presidential candidates at first avoided the issue altogether, then gingerly dipped one toe, then another, back into the pool.

Arctic Ice Melt Opens Northwest Passage

(AP) -- Arctic ice has shrunk to the lowest level on record, new satellite images show, raising the possibility that the Northwest Passage that eluded famous explorers will become an open shipping lane.

Ancient Records Help Test Climate Change

(AP) -- A librarian at this 10th century monastery leads a visitor beneath the vaulted ceilings of the archive past the skulls of two former abbots. He pushes aside medieval ledgers of indulgences and absolutions, pulls out one of 13 bound diaries inscribed from 1671 to 1704 and starts to read about the weather.

Yale to Return Machu Picchu Artifacts

(AP) -- Yale University has agreed to return thousands of Inca artifacts taken from Peru's famed Machu Picchu citadel almost a century ago, the government said Saturday.

Explorer Who Found Lost Peru Cities Dies

(AP) -- Douglas Eugene "Gene" Savoy, an explorer who discovered more than 40 lost cities in Peru and led long-distance sailing adventures to learn more about ancient cultures, has died. He was 80.


Scientists synthesize memory in yeast cells

Harvard Medical School researchers have successfully synthesized a DNA-based memory loop in yeast cells, findings that mark a significant step forward in the emerging field of synthetic biology.

A molecule that protects from neuronal disorders

Many neuronal disorders, including epilepsy, schizophrenia and lissencephaly - a form of mental retardation -, result from abnormal migration of nerve cells during the development of the brain. Researchers from the Mouse Biology Unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Italy, have now discovered that a protein that helps organising the cells` skeleton is crucial for preventing...

Bentley to aim for 'greener' limousines

Volkswagen's luxury car division Bentley wants to make its models more environmentally friendly and to edge closer to proposed EU limits, the financial daily Handelsblatt reported Friday, citing Bentley head Franz-Josef Paefgen.

Chip Makers Seek New Technology

(AP) -- We're used to computers becoming obsolete almost as soon as they leave the store because of rapid advances in chip technology, but the whole science of silicon chips is starting to show its age.

EU Court to Deliver Microsoft Ruling

(AP) -- When Europe's second-highest court rules Monday on Microsoft Corp.'s appeal of its landmark antitrust conviction, more will be at stake for regulators than just the behavior of the world's largest software company.

Icahn Calls for Sale of BEA Systems

(AP) -- Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn on Friday called for the sale of BEA Systems Inc., a business software maker whose stock price has sagged with the growth in open-source software and under pressure from larger competitors such as IBM Corp. and Oracle Corp.

SCO Group Files for Bankruptcy

(AP) -- The SCO Group Inc., licenser of the Unix operating system, filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, drained by unsuccessfully filing lawsuits claiming its software code was misappropriated by developers of the open-source Linux operating system.