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Solio to Release Solar Hybrid Charger

The energy alternative company Solio will release a hand-held solar battery recharger on October 15, 2007. The sleek new design is for use on virtually all electronic devices. It comes with an adaptor tip that can fit into any USB port or charge directly from the sun. The best part is the price. It will sell for less than 80 USD.

Spinning slowly in the web

University of St Andrews astronomers have succeeded in tracing the magnetic web that binds newly forming stars to their surrounding gas and dust. The findings will improve understanding of how stars, including the Sun, form.

Study of bone marrow stem cells in multiple sclerosis

A new pilot clinical trial to test bone marrow stem cell therapy with a small group of patients with multiple sclerosis has started at Frenchay Hospital. The aim of the trial, conducted by the University of Bristol and North Bristol NHS Trust, is to find out what effects, good or bad, it has on patients with MS, and their disability.

Why quitting may be good for you

Are there times when it is better to simply give up? Psychologists have been exploring this question, and more specifically a possible link between tenacity and both physical and mental health.

Yale scientists make 2 giant steps in advancement of quantum computing

Two major steps toward putting quantum computers into real practice — sending a photon signal on demand from a qubit onto wires and transmitting the signal to a second, distant qubit — have been brought about by a team of scientists at Yale. The accomplishments are reported in sequential issues of Nature on September 20 and September 27, on which it is highlighted as the cover along with...

Software Takes Aim at Altered Photos

(AP) -- Tracing its roots to a founder's anger at a no-show home remodeling crew, the makers of Shoot & Proof software aim to erase any doubts that digital photos are faked or manipulated.

T-Mobile Updates Sidekick Cell Phones

(AP) -- T-Mobile USA is updating its Sidekick cell phones, adding a high-end model and the first Motorola-built entry in the line of quirky gadgets with a screen that swivels to reveal a keyboard.

Topps Meat Co. Recalls Hamburgers

(AP) -- A meat company is voluntarily recalling some of its hamburgers after a cluster of illnesses in the Northeast caused by E. coli bacteria, officials said Tuesday.

Sprint Settles Suit for $57.5 Million

(AP) -- Sprint Nextel Corp. has proposed paying $57.5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit claiming it robbed billions of dollars from shareholders when it combined two tracking stocks in early 2004.

New Smithsonian Museum Appears Online

(AP) -- The Smithsonian Institution's museum dedicated to black history and culture launches this week with an interactive Web site - long before its building opens for visitors on the National Mall.

Group Buys Swath of Virgin Islands Land

(AP) -- A large swath of coastal land has been secured by a U.S. conservation group, paving the way for the biggest expansion of the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park since it was created more than 50 years ago.

New animal and plant species found in Vietnam

World Wildlife Fund scientists said today that the discovery of 11 new animal and plant species in a remote area in central Vietnam underscores the importance of conservation efforts in the ancient tropical forests of the region.

Encryption Faulted in TJX Hacking

(AP) -- Hackers stole millions of credit card numbers from discount retailer TJX Cos. by intercepting wireless transfers of customer information at two Miami-area Marshalls stores, according to an eight-month investigation by the Canadian government.

Ancient wall found in Iran

Archaeologists in northern Iran have uncovered the remains of a 124-mile-long wall, the second longest such structure in Asia after the Great Wall of China.

Agency Announces Recovery Plan for Bird

(AP) -- Federal wildlife officials released a long-range plan Monday for removing a tiny bird that nests on West Coast beaches from Endangered Species Act protections by 2047 with the help of volunteers from the Audubon Society, the Boy Scouts and other nonprofit groups.

Experiment to Get Cargo From Space Fails

(AP) -- Forget e-mail. How about space mail? In an experiment combining elements of a package delivery service, the sport of kite surfing and a REALLY big fishing reel, Russian and European engineers on Tuesday sought to pioneer a technology that could be used in the future to retrieve cargo from space.