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Nokia to Cooperate on Flash Memory Cards

(AP) -- Nokia Corp. said Thursday it's teaming up with competitors - including Samsung and Sony Ericsson - on a flash memory card that works with a variety of cell phones and other gadgets, regardless of maker.

A new kind of rat model

Two neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) are working with local company PhysioGenix to investigate a novel animal model the company has developed for researching diseases like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD.

Alcatel Shares Tumble on Revenue Outlook

(AP) -- Alcatel-Lucent SA fell nearly 9 percent Thursday after the telecommunications equipment maker slashed its full-year revenue growth forecast and said it expects third-quarter operating profit to be "around break-even."

Coronet: A Star Formation Neighbor

While perhaps not quite as well known as its star formation cousin of Orion, the Corona Australis region (containing, at its heart, the Coronet Cluster) is one of the nearest and most active regions of ongoing star formation.

Foton-M3 on schedule for launch

An unmanned Foton capsule, carrying a payload of over 40 European experiments, is on schedule for launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome, in Kazakhstan, at 13:00 CEST (11:00 UT) tomorrow. The Soyuz-U launcher, which will carry the Foton-M3 spacecraft into orbit, was transferred to the launch pad this morning.

Good fences make good neighbors

In the last century, more than 100 million people have perished in violent conflict, very often because of local clashes between ethnically or culturally distinct groups. In a novel study this week in Science, researchers report on a mathematical model that can predict where ethnic conflict will erupt.

Google Founders Pay NASA for Jet Access

(AP) -- Google Inc. co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are reportedly paying $1.3 million a year so their Boeing 767 plane can take off, land and park at a NASA-managed airport located just a few minutes away from the Internet search leader's Silicon Valley headquarters.

Google Sponsors $30 Million Moon Contest

(AP) -- Google Inc. is bankrolling a $30 million out-of-this-world prize to the first private company that can safely land a robotic rover on the moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth, the Internet search leader said Thursday.

Oldest stars may shed light on dark matter

The universe`s earliest stars may hold clues to the nature of dark matter, the mysterious stuff that makes up most of the universe`s matter but doesn`t interact with light, cosmologists report.

Revealing the workings of 'Mother Nature's blowtorch'

Using atom-level imaging techniques, University of Michigan researchers have revealed important structural details of an enzyme system known as "Mother Nature's blowtorch" for its role in helping the body efficiently break down many drugs and toxins.

Salmon Spawn Baby Trout in Experiment

(AP) -- Papa salmon plus mama salmon equals ... baby trout? Japanese researchers put a new spin on surrogate parenting as they engineered one fish species to produce another, in a quest to preserve endangered fish.

UK Foot-And-Mouth Same As August Strain

(AP) -- Britain's latest foot-and-mouth outbreak is the same strain as last month's, according to initial test results Thursday that gave farmers hope the disease could be contained in a small region.

Zebrafish to shed light on human mitochondrial diseases

Zebrafish can now be used to study COX deficiencies in humans, a discovery that gives scientists an unprecedented window to view the earliest stages of mitochondrial impairments that lead to potentially fatal metabolic disorders, according to researchers at the University of Oregon.