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65+ and lonely? Don't talk to your doctor about another prescription

Lonely, older adults are nearly twice as likely to use opioids to ease pain and two-and-a-half times more likely to use sedatives and anti-anxiety medications, putting themselves at risk for drug dependency, impaired attention, falls and other accidents, and further cognitive impairment, according to a study by researchers at UC San Francisco.

Anxiety, depression, burnout rising as college students prepare to return to campus

A new survey led by The Ohio State University's Office of the Chief Wellness Officer finds students are excited to get back to campus after a long and difficult year. But the trauma of the pandemic is still affecting their mental health. The survey found anxiety, depression and burnout are all on the rise among students, even as they find normalcy again. Those issues have also led to increases in...

Development of a novel technology to check body temperature with smartphone camera

A research team in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) has announced the development of a thermal-imaging sensor that overcomes the existing problems of price and operating-temperature limitations. The sensor developed in this work can operate at temperatures upto 100 °C without a cooling device and is expected to be more affordable than standard sensors on the market, which...

International collaboration of scientists rewrite the rulebook of flowering plant genetics

Scientists around the world are collaborating on a project that is changing the way they trace the evolutionary history of flowering plants. By using new technology allowing them to rapidly retrieve and compare DNA sequences from among any of the 300,000 species of flowering plants, scientists are unraveling the 140-million-year history of the largest group of land plants on Earth and providing a...

Juicy past of favorite Okinawan fruit revealed

A genetic analysis of fruit in the mandarin family has unraveled a complex journey from the mountainous region of southern China to the markets of Okinawa, says researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University.

Misplaced trust: When trust in science fosters pseudoscience

People who trust science are more likely to believe and disseminate false claims containing scientific references than people who do not trust science, a study finds. Reminding people of the value of critical evaluation reduces belief in false claims, but reminding them of the value of trusting science does not.

New breakthrough to help immune systems in the fight against cancer

New research has identified potential treatment that could improve the human immune system's ability to search out and destroy cancer cells within the body. Scientists have identified a way to restrict the activity of a group of cells which regulate the immune system, which in turn can unleash other immune cells to attack tumours in cancer patients.

New research identifies cancer types with little survival improvements in adolescents and young adul

Survival rates for adolescents and young adults diagnosed with cancer have varied considerably depending on cancer type. A new study indicates that survival for multiple cancer types in such patients has improved in recent years, but some patients diagnosed with common cancer types still show limited survival improvements. The results are published by Wiley early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed...

New statement provides path to include ethnicity, ancestry, race in genomic research

Historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups and Indigenous peoples have significant cardiovascular health inequities, and these groups are underrepresented in genetic and genomic research.Almost 80% of participants in genomic research are of European ancestry, yet this group makes up just 16% of the global population.Heart-disease risk calculations and information about how different...