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Value of drugs for pre-osteoporosis exaggerated

A series of recent scientific publications have exaggerated the benefits and underplayed the harms of drugs to treat pre-osteoporosis or "osteopenia" potentially encouraging treatment in millions of low risk women, warn experts in this week's BMJ.


759,000 children with asthma endure gaps in insurance every year

Every year, 759,000 children with asthma may be at risk of a major asthma attack while they have no health insurance. About 30 percent of those families earn more than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, putting them above the threshold for the state children's health insurance program in most states.

A new significance of LVD and angiogenic MVD is identified in human primary SCRC

A study led by Professor Xiang Du from Cancer Hospital, Fudan University, has investigated 132 cases with sporadic colorectal carcinoma and found that the detection of lymphatic vessel density and microvessel density at tumor borders may be useful in predicting metastasis and prognosis in patients with SCRC, and the co-accounting of LVD and MVD might be used as a prognostic factor of SCRC.

An emerging candidate for protecting patients from liver injury after abdomen surgery

Major abdomen surgery or intestine transplantation initiates gut ischemia and reperfusion. This leads to hepatic microcirculatory disturbance and liver injury, a manifestation that influences significantly the outcome of the operation or transplantation and patients' quality of life. Attenuating hepatic microcirculatory disturbance and liver injury resulting from gut I/R has been a great challenge...

Ant parasite turns host into ripe red berry, biologists discover

Parasites occasionally change the behavior or looks of their host, but a nasty tropical nematode alters both, making its ant host's parasite-filled abdomen resemble a ripe red berry. According to UC Berkeley and University of Arkansas biologists, this behavior is a strategy the nematode evolved to entice birds to eat the ant's abdomen and spread the parasite in their droppings.

Computer learns dogspeak

Computer programs may be the most accurate tool for studying acoustic communications amongst animals, according to Csaba Molnar from Eoetvoes Lorand University in Hungary and his research team. Their paper, published in Springer's journal Animal Cognition this week, shows that a new piece of software is able to classify dog barks according to different situations and even identify barks from...

Evolution of human genome's 'guardian' gives people unique protections from DNA damage

Evolution has given humans unique protections through the p53 regulatory network -- so-called guardian of the genome -- against DNA damage that could cause cancer or genetic diseases, according to a study led by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the Jan. 22 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Rodents do not have these same protections, creating the need for additional...

Extended work hours should factor into return to job after injury

Rehabilitation specialists guiding injured workers back to full-time employment should factor unconventional work schedules into their assessments and planning, new research suggests. Workers who are injured on the job have a harder time returning to employment if their schedules routinely require them to work extended hours.

Gastric cancer survivors should be aware of osteoporosis

Dr. Jong-Inn Lee, an expert in gastric cancer surgery in Korea, found many surviving patients complained of back pain. He investigated 133 surviving gastric cancer patients not diagnosed with osteoporosis previously and found 38.3 percent of them had osteoporosis. Being over 64 years of age, female sex, having a body mass index lower than 18.5, anemia, and back pain were newly found risk factors...

Gene markers located for hereditary prostate cancer

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Brady Urological Institute, Wake Forest University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have identified an array of gene markers for hereditary prostate cancer that, along with family history for the disease, appear to raise risk to more than nine times that of men without such markers. The panel, gleaned from a study of more than 4,000 Swedes, found that these...

How baby fish find a home

University of Miami researcher Claire Paris will use a groundbreaking observational tool, the OWNFOR (Orientation With No Frame Of Reference), a kite-like drifting device that allows researchers to detect and quantify the orientation of larval coral reef fish in the pelagic environment. This invention provides a less labor intensive, more precise way of tracking the dispersal of larval and...

How does Fu-Zheng-Jie-Du-Decoction act on PTEN expression in hepatocellular carcinoma?

Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the major cancer killers. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been widely used as a combined therapy in treating the disease in China. How TCM works is still unknown. A research group in China has found TCM can down-regulate the expression of PTEN (Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog deleted on Chromosome 10) in HCC which may suppress tumor cell growth and regulate tumor...

How does insulin influence resistin?

Insulin suppressed resistin secretion during 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes differentiation, which does not support a role for resistin in insulin resistance. In diet-induced obese rats, serum resistin level was negatively correlated to insulin sensitivity, not to serum insulin. So insulin is not a major regulator of resistin in vivo.

Hybrid school buses hit the road; Iowa State researchers test their performance

Iowa State University's Center for Transportation Research and Education helped the Nevada and Sigourney school districts put two of the country's first hybrid school buses on the road this month. The buses use an electric motor at street speeds; their V-8 diesel engines kick in at higher speeds. Iowa State researchers will study and evaluate the buses' performance over three years.

Ice clouds put Mars in the shade

Until now, Mars has generally been regarded as a desert world, where a visiting astronaut would be surprised to see clouds scudding across the orange sky. However, new results show that the arid planet possesses high-level clouds that are sufficiently dense to cast a shadow on the surface.

Indian medicinal plant Acanthus ilicifolius may combat liver cancer

Cancer chemoprevention is an active measure to limit/retard the progression and pathogenesis of malignancy. Herbal preparations constitute an important component of indigenous/traditional medicines. A study led by Prof. Malay Chatterjee from Jadavpur University, India reported the potential chemopreventive efficacy of an Indian medicinal plant Acanthus ilicifolius in preventing liver DNA damage...

Island monkeys do not recognize big cat calls

Monkeys living on an island without big cat predators do not show any particular alarm when recorded tiger growls are played to them, according to research by a UC Davis graduate student. The pig-tailed langurs do, however, flee in a hurry from the sound of human voices.