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Whale poop fights climate change: study (AFP)

AFP - Southern Ocean sperm whales are an unexpected ally in the fight against global warming, removing the equivalent carbon emissions from 40,000 cars each year thanks to their faeces, a study found on...

Quake kills two in Indonesia (AFP)

AFP - A powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake killed at least two people and damaged scores of homes in eastern Indonesia on Wednesday, triggering a tsunami warning and widespread...

Strong quake rocks eastern Indonesia; no damage (AP)

AP - Several powerful earthquakes hit eastern Indonesia on Wednesday, triggering a brief tsunami warning and sending panicked residents fleeing from buildings to high ground. There were power blackouts in some areas, but no initial reports of serious damage or casualties.

World's Oldest Fig Wasp Discovered (LiveScience.com)

LiveScience.com - The world's oldest known example of a fig wasp has been identified from the Isle of Wight. Dating back 34 million years, the fossil wasp looks almost identical to the modern species, suggesting the specialized insect has remained virtually unchanged for at least that long.

Obama: BP will pay for its "recklessness" (Reuters)

Reuters - President Barack Obama vowed on Tuesday to compel BP Plc to pay the price for its "recklessness" in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and sought to harness public outrage over the disaster for a "national mission" to cut U.S. dependence on fossil...