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U.S. troops join search for Felix dead (AP)

AP - The death toll from Hurricane Felix neared 100 Thursday night as U.S., Honduran and Nicaraguan soldiers searched remote jungle beaches and the open sea for survivors and the dead. Villagers in canoes helped, paddling through waters thick with fallen...

NOAA affirms predictions of sea ice loss (AP)

AP - An analysis of 20 years' worth of real-life observations supports recent U.N. computer predictions that by 2050, summer sea ice off Alaska's north coast will probably shrink to nearly half the area it covered in the 1980s, federal scientists...


NASA accused of deriding drinking report (AP)

AP - An Air Force doctor who headed a controversial astronaut health study told Congress on Thursday that NASA is discouraging open communications by rebutting reports of drunken astronauts on launch day and deriding the claims as urban...

Rocket crash prompts environment concern (AP)

AP - An unmanned Russian rocket carrying a Japanese communications satellite malfunctioned after liftoff Thursday, sending parts crashing in an uninhabited part of Kazakhstan and triggering concerns about environmental...

GAO faults agencies over global warming (AP)

AP - Wildfires are flaring bigger and hotter in Alaska, the northern Rockies and the Sierra Nevada. Bighorn sheep, mountain goats and grizzly bears in Glacier National Park, along with deer and marsh rabbits in the Florida Keys, face a housing...

Bidding high on purported Vick notes (AP)

AP - Bids topped $10,000 Thursday on an Internet auction site for what an animal rights group says are notes from football star Michael Vick's speech apologizing for a dogfighting scandal.

Scientists compare U.S., China pollution (AP)

AP - Los Angeles and Pittsburgh provide examples of what to do — and not to do — about China's severe air pollution in the face of surging energy use from rapid economic growth, U.S. and Chinese scientists say.

La Nina strengthens hurricane forecasts (AP)

AP - La Nina conditions are developing in the Pacific Ocean, and that cooling of waters generally brings a more active Atlantic hurricane season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.

Film Review - 'The Invasion' Invades the Multiplex (SPACE.com)

SPACE.com - Bad news for the NASA Administrator - the Space Shuttle has blown up again. But this time the cause is not foam-fretted tiles, it's alien hitch-hikers. That's right: aggressive extraterrestrials have bummed a rocket ride to Earth to take over our planet. It's a familiar theme, indeed, but there's a silver lining to this interstellar cloud: the invaders are doing it...

Search for survivors after Felix hits (AP)

AP - Desperate families searched through the early morning hours Thursday for scores of missing Nicaraguans on the Caribbean coast where Hurricane Felix blew away villages, flooded rivers and killed at least 18...

APEC nations wrestle with climate change (AP)

AP - Pacific Rim nations agreed Thursday that climate change was of "vital interest," but officials squabbled over whether their leaders should include energy efficiency targets in a statement at their annual...

Study: Bangladesh faces tsunami threat (AP)

AP - More than 1 million people in South Asia's Bay of Bengal could be swept to their deaths by a tsunami if a giant earthquake were to hit off the coast of Myanmar, according to a study published Thursday.