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The Nation's Weather (AP)

AP - A cold front carrying heavy rain was forecast to sweep through the Northeast on Saturday, bringing the eastern third of the nation its first significant cold surge of the...

Cleanup begins after Hurricane Humberto (AP)

AP - Utility crews restored electricity Friday to half of the homes and businesses left without power after Hurricane Humberto, while experts estimated total damages from the storm would cost less than $500...

Bison face hunting at Wyoming refuge (AP)

AP - In the three decades since 18 bison stumbled onto a federal elk feeding ground outside this mountain town, the herd has ballooned to 1,200 animals — one of the largest groups of bison in the United States.

Agencies work on DNA 'barcodes' database (AP)

AP - To help shoppers avoid mislabeled toxic pufferfish and pilots steer clear of birds, federal agencies are starting to tap into an ambitious project that is gathering DNA "barcodes" for the Earth's 1.8 million known...

TV writer high bidder on Vick notes (AP)

AP - A television writer and producer paid $10,200 for what an animal rights group said are notes from football star Michael Vick's speech apologizing for a dogfighting scandal.


N.Y. looks to showcase 2 'diving trails' (AP)

AP - A half-mile offshore, 25 feet below the surface of Lake Ontario, the hull of the David B. Mills lies wrecked in three large sections, broken apart after a violent October storm 88 years ago after running aground on Ford Shoals.

Correction: Pipeline explosions story (AP)

AP - In an Sept. 11 story about rebel attacks on natural gas and oil pipelines, The Associated Press reported erroneously that The Hershey Co. was among a dozen companies forced to suspend or scale back Mexican operations for lack of natural gas. Hershey says its operations weren't affected by the attacks. The error first appeared in July 11-15 stories from Mexico City about the gas pipelines.

Improving the tsunami alert system (Reuters)

Reuters - Tsunami warning systems in the Indian Ocean have improved since the devastating 2004 Indonesian quake but still have many flaws and produce false alerts or miss potential threats, experts and officials said on...

Russian biologist under investigation (AP)

AP - Security agents are investigating a Russian scientist for allegedly trying to smuggle out of Russia materials that could be used in building a biological or bacteriological weapon, the scientist and his co-workers said Friday.

Salmon spawn baby trout in experiment (AP)

AP - Papa salmon plus mama salmon equals ... baby trout? Japanese researchers put a new spin on surrogate parenting as they engineered one fish species to produce another, in a quest to preserve endangered...

Trout lend sperm to sterile salmon (AFP)

AFP - Japanese scientists helped infertile salmon sire baby trout by lending them trout sperm, a technique that could save endangered species, according to research published in the United States...

Ex-worker sentenced in pipeline sabotage (AP)

AP - A fired utility company welder accused of sabotaging dozens of natural gas pipelines, at one point causing a blowout and requiring evacuations, was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison.