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Melissa weakens in Atlantic (AP)

AP - Tropical Storm Melissa weakened into a depression Sunday, while the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen limped along in the eastern Atlantic, forecasters...

Japan's Minamata Disease still lingers (AP)

AP - The dawn is still only a faint glow beyond distant mountains, but fisherman Akinori Mori and his wife, Itsuko, are already hard at work on their boat, reeling in nets of squid, fish and...


Robots take on social tasks (AP)

AP - Dominated by home-cleaning gadgets, the consumer robotics market is expanding with the arrival of 'bots that can spy inside your home when you're away or arrange virtual meetings of family or...

The Nation's Weather (AP)

AP - Two strong weather systems bookended the country Friday, one producing rain in the East and another snow in parts of the...

GAO: Smithsonian facilities in decline (AP)

AP - The Smithsonian Institution's maintenance backlog has grown to $2.5 billion as the museum complex faces problems such as corrosion of historic airplanes and leaky pools at the National Zoo, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released Friday.


Satellite images may show Myanmar abuses (AP)

AP - While the government's bloody crackdown on street demonstrations in Myanmar has drawn the world's attention, newly released satellite photos provide evidence that the military there has destroyed villages and forcibly relocated people in the...

Environmental radical guilty in Calif. (AP)

AP - A federal jury found a 29-year-old environmental activist guilty Thursday of conspiring to burn down or blow up a northern California dam, a genetics lab, cell phone towers and other targets.

Two-headed turtle goes on display in Pa. (AP)

AP - A pet store has bought a two-headed turtle from a collector and plans to keep it on display, the store manager said. The 2-month-old turtle, actually conjoined red-eared slider twins, fits on a silver...