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How Dirty Is Your Money?

Drug dealers found with bank notes contaminated with unusually high levels of drugs are now less likely to get away with their crimes. The research finds that geographical location has absolutely no influence on the distribution of drug contamination on bank notes. Paper money is almost always tainted with some drug residue. Evidence presented at court shows how banknotes seized from a suspect may...

Emissions Targets For 2030 Will Only Be Reached By Banning Cars In London

Unless Greater London Authority (GLA) takes radical steps, one of which could be the removal of all cars from both inner and outer London, it will not meet its goals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report. Calculations show that a car-free inner London scenario equates to a 49 percent reduction in emissions.

Important Clue To Immune Infertility Discovered

Most of us have never heard of immune infertility, yet it prevents many prospective parents from conceiving. This reproductive disorder affects both men and women, causing their immune systems to wage war on sperm. A recent discovery may help pinpoint what molecules assist the immune system in attacking sperm.

New DNA-based Technique For Assembly Of Nano- And Micro-sized Particles

Scientists have developed a new method for controlling the self-assembly of nanometer and micrometer-sized particles. The method, based on designed DNA shells that coat a particle's surface, can be used to manipulate the structure -- and therefore the properties and potential uses -- of numerous materials that may be of interest to industry.

A Rose Is A Rózsa Is A ...: Image-search Tool Speaks Hundreds Of Languages

Although pictures can be appreciated in any language, digital image searches are often lost in translation. A new multilingual search tool, PanImages, makes the universal appeal of pictures available to all. A new multilingual search tool makes the universal appeal of pictures available to all. PanImages allows people to search for images on the Web using hundreds of languages.

Is Social Networking Changing The Face Of Friendship?

Online social networks tend to be far larger than their real-life counterparts, but online users say they have about the same number of close friends as the real-life average person. The advent of online social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook is changing the average number of friends people have, with some users befriending literally thousands of others, according to researchers.

Predation Linked To Evolution, Study Suggests

The fossil record seems to indicate that the diversity of marine creatures increased and decreased over hundreds of millions of years in step with predator-prey encounters. For decades, there has been a debate between paleontologists, biologists, and ecologists on the role of ecological interactions, such as predation, in the long term patterns of animal evolution.

Are You Sure That Is Who You Think It Is?

A new technique which enables us to identify faces more accurately could make security systems more reliable. Humans are very good at identifying faces we know. However, researchers said, we are much less accomplished when the face is unknown to us. This is almost always the case with the faces captured by CCTV cameras or used to check at a passport barrier.

Counselling Conquers Constipation

Psychological factors can make people more likely to suffer physical illness, but cognitive behavioural therapy can help sufferers manage their condition. "People often pigeonhole diseases as being biological or psychological, but in fact they're often a complex mixture of both," according to a researcher. She and her colleagues studied 1000 people who contracted either glandular fever or food...

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment For Men With Spinal Cord Injuries

The drug tadalafil appears to improve erectile function in men with spinal cord injuries, according to a new article. Between 10.4 and 83 individuals per million worldwide experience spinal cord injuries every year, according to background information in the article. Only 25 percent of men with spinal cord injuries are able to have erections that are adequate for having intercourse.

Toward A Vaccine Against Tropical Disease Caused By A Parasitic Worm

Researchers provide new details about the inner workings of a parasitic worm that causes a tropical disease called schistosomiasis, which leads to itchy skin, fever, chills, muscle aches, and liver disease that, in some cases, can be fatal. The new results may help design drugs or vaccines against the disease. Schistosomiasis, a disease affecting up to 200 million people in Asia, Africa, and South...

'Missing Dwarf Galaxy' Problem May Be Solved

Scientists may have solved a discrepancy between the number of extremely small, faint galaxies predicted to exist near the Milky Way and the number actually observed. In an attempt to resolve the "Missing Dwarf Galaxy" problem, two astronomers used the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii to study a population of the darkest, most lightweight galaxies known, each containing 99% dark matter. The...

Condoms Are Not 'One Size Fits All'

Health professionals are regularly confronted by men's complaints that condoms do not fit, or that they are uncomfortable. Correct condom use is critical for preventing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmissible infections, yet a new study found that study participants who reported problems with the fit and feel of condoms were also among those who reported the highest rates of...

Getting Motivated For Fitness

A fitness expert encourages her personal training clients to break their more ambiguous goals of say, feeling better or dropping a few dress sizes, into smaller goals that can be achieved in three to four weeks. She discourages weight-oriented goals because weight loss is a long-term process and everyone loses weight at different rates. Instead, she wants to know how her clients feel. She is a big...

Sex After Cancer

Significant sexual problems often are an unexpected -- and unwelcome -- side effect of the treatment of early-stage cervical and endometrial cancer for many women following hysterectomy. A targeted therapeutic approach involving mindfulness training has been found to improve desire, orgasm, arousal and other aspects of sexual satisfaction in just three one-hour sessions.

New System Helps Aircraft Avoid Turbulence

A new turbulence detection system, now being tested, is successfully alerting pilots to patches of rough air as they fly through clouds. The system is designed to better protect passengers from injuries caused by turbulence while reducing flight delays and lowering aviation costs.

3-D Fruit Fly Images To Benefit Brain Research

Scientists have used an imaging technique called optical projection tomography (OPT) to image individual cavities within the brain of an aging fly and see the brain deteriorate. The OPT images could help to speed up genetic research into Alzheimer's and other human diseases affecting brain cells.