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New Technique Can Be Breakthrough For Early Cancer Diagnosis

Early detection of disease is often critical to how successful treatment can be. Therefore, the development of new methods of diagnosis is a hot research field, where every small step is of great importance. The technique is more sensitive and more reliable than other available techniques in molecular diagnostics.

Possible Vaccine Target For Chlamydia Identified

Scientists have identified a potential target for the development of a vaccine against Chlamydia trachomatis, the most prevalent sexually transmitted bacterial infection in the world. An estimated 2.8 million Americans are infected with Chlamydia each year, according to the CDC. Many are not aware that they are infected.

Putting Stem Cell Research On The Fast Track

Engineers have developed tools to help solve two of the main problems slowing the progress of stem cell research -- how to quickly test stem cell response to different drugs or genes, and how to create a large supply of healthy, viable stem cells to study from only a few available cells.

Taxol Bristle Ball: New Delivery Method For Anti-Cancer Drug

Chemists have discovered a way to load dozens of molecules of the anti-cancer drug Taxol onto tiny gold spheres. The result is a ball many times smaller than a living cell that literally bristles with the drug. Researchers hope to use the Taxol bristle ball to deliver large quantities of Taxol directly to cancer cells.

Unique Role For Blood Formation Gene Identified

All blood cell production in adults depends on the steady work of a vital gene that if lost results in early bone marrow failure cancer geneticists have found. Their research reveals an unexpected role for the gene in sustaining the adult blood-forming system, and opens novel strategies for targeting the gene, which is often involved in a type of childhood leukemia.

Global Survey Reveals Significant Gap In Meeting World's Mental Health Care Needs

Mental disorders rank among the top 10 illnesses causing disability, according to the Global Burden of Disease and Risk Factors published in 2006. Yet, the world's mental health care needs are largely going unmet, especially in less developed nations but also in high-income countries, according to results from a new survey of 17 countries conducted as part of the World Health Organization's World...

Hardy Rice: Less Water, More Food

Scientists have produced a new type of rice that grows better and uses water more efficiently than other rice crops. Rice is a water guzzler when compared to other crops. It typically uses up to three times more water than other food crops such as maize or wheat and consumes around 30 percent of the fresh water used for crops worldwide. In conditions where water is scarce, it is important to have...

Mutations In The Insulin Gene Can Cause Neonatal Diabetes

Insulin gene mutations can cause permanent neonatal diabetes, a rare form of diabetes that affects very young children. This is the first time that an insulin mutation has been connected to severe early onset diabetes. The researchers describe 10 mutations. These alter the way insulin folds. Misfolded insulin may interfere with cellular processes in ways that kill cells that produce insulin. The...

Drug-free Treatments Offer Hope For Older People In Pain

Mind-body therapies, which focus on the interactions between the mind, body and behavior, and the ways in which emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors can affect health, may be of particular benefit to elderly chronic pain sufferers. A new study provides a structured review of eight mind-body interventions for older people, including progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, hypnosis,...

New Lung Cancer Guidelines Oppose Certain Vitamins, Suggest Acupuncture

New evidenced-based guidelines from the American College of Chest Physicians provides 260 of the most comprehensive recommendations related to lung cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, staging and medical and surgical treatments. The guidelines cite there is little evidence to show lung cancer screening impacts mortality in patients, including those who are considered at high risk for the...


Mold Linked To Asthma

A new study has found that removing indoor mold improves the symptoms of people with asthma. Asthma UK figures show the prevalence of asthma in Wales is among the highest in the world, with 260,000 people receiving treatment for their asthma with the rate of hospital admissions for adults 12 percent more than anywhere else in the UK.

Mouse Model For Schizophrenia Has Genetic On-off Switch

The researchers developed the transgenic mouse by inserting the gene for mutant Disrupted-In-Schizophrenia-1 (DISC-1) into a normal mouse, along with a promoter that enables the gene to be switched on or off. Mutant DISC-1 was previously identified in a Scottish family with a strong history of schizophrenia and related mental disorders.

Screening Family Members Could Prevent 4 In 10 Premature Heart Attacks

Screening and treating middle-aged adults with a family history of coronary heart disease (CHD) could prevent more than 4 in 10 premature heart attacks, according to a recent article. Family history, the researchers say, can identify a large proportion of people at high overall risk of developing CHD. They point to one study which found that the 14% of families with a positive family history...

Gray Whales A Fraction Of Historic Levels, Genetic Research Says

Gray whales in the Pacific Ocean, long thought to have fully recovered from whaling, were once three to five times as plentiful as they are now, according to a new article. A vastly reduced population of gray whales has likely exerted large changes in Pacific ocean ecosystems. Starving whales are a warning sign of problems in the food chain.

Liberals More Likely Than Conservatives To Break From Habitual Responses, Study Finds

Liberals are more likely than are conservatives to respond to cues signaling the need to change habitual responses, according to a new study by researchers at New York University and UCLA. The findings, which show that self-rated liberalism is associated with the type of brain activity involved in regulating conflict between a habitual tendency and an alternative response, appear in the online...

Mediterranean Diet May Help Alzheimer's Patients Live Longer

A Mediterranean diet may help people with Alzheimer's disease live longer than patients who eat a more traditional Western diet. The study followed 192 people with Alzheimer's disease for an average of four and a half years. During that time, 85 of the people died. Researchers found that those who most closely followed a Mediterranean diet were 76 percent less likely to die during the study period...

Recognition, Identification And Tracking Systems Under Development To Assist Air Force

The development of fast and accurate computer algorithms for the automated recognition, identification, classification and tracking of targets of interest is underway. It is expected to have many applications such as chemical agent monitoring, weather and hurricanes tracking and monitoring and explosive detection at the battlefield. The project also aims to develop unmanned air vehicle sensor...

Why Genes Of One Parent Are Expressed Over Genes Of The Other: New Ideas In Genomic Imprinting

How we come to express the genes of one parent over the other is now better understood and it doesn't seem to have originated in association with sex chromosomes. New research has shed light on the evolution of genomic imprinting, in which specific genes on chromosomes that have been inherited from one parent are expressed in an organism, while the same genes on the chromosome inherited from the...

Elevated Blood Pressure In Youth Linked To Rise In Childhood Obesity

After decades of decline, blood pressure levels in children and adolescents are increasing. Researchers said that each one centimeter increase in waist circumference raised the likelihood of high blood pressure by 10 percent and the likelihood of pre-high blood pressure by five percent. High blood pressure is a major public health problem in adults and a common risk factor for heart attack and...