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A Giant Trilobite on the Sun

Last week scientists converged on the Living With a Star workshop to share the latest research in solar physics. At one point, nearly 200 participants sat slack-jawed as they watched a new movie recorded by Japan's Hinode spacecraft showing a sunspot emerging from the depths of the sun.


Fasten Your Seat Belts

NASA's adventurous Discovery program--responsible for the first rover on another planet, the first landing on an asteroid, the first samples of a comet returned to Earth and much more--is about to get even better.



Basil Orbits Earth

When she blasted off onboard the space shuttle last week, teacher-turned-astronaut Barbara Morgan carried millions of basil seeds to the ISS. Soon she'll return millions more "space seeds" for students on Earth to study.

Cosmic Cockroaches

A tough, pesky molecule possibly key to the origins of life on Earth has been spotted in deep space surviving the ferocious blastwave of a supernova explosion.

Hurtling Toward Mars

Earth and Mars are rapidly converging. Relative speed: 22,000 mph. Contrary to rumor, Mars is not about to swell to the size of a full Moon, but there is something eerie and Martian to look for in the night sky next week.

The Exploding Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday morning, Aug. 28th, a team of astronomers and engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center will attempt something never done before--to observe meteoroids hitting the Moon and exploding during a lunar eclipse.