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What's the most important invention in the history of food? | Open thread

The Royal Society puts fridges at the top of the list, but tell us if you think cheese graters deserve a special mentionFellows of the Royal Society, Britain's most distinguished scientific institution, have judged refrigeration, pasteurisation and canning the most significant inventions in the history of food. They were followed by the oven and irrigation, with the full list including the cork,...

Scientists ID new species of monkey in Congo

A team of scientists says it has identified a new species of monkey in central Africa that had been known to the locals simply as lesula, a medium sized, slender animal that looks similar to an owl-faced monkey already known to scientists.

World's hottest temperature cools a bit

If you think this summer was hot, it's nothing compared to the summer of 1913, when the hottest temperature ever recorded was a searing 134 F in Death Valley, Calif. But while that reading was made 99 years ago, it is only being recognized today by the World Meteorological Organization as the most extreme temperature ever recorded. That's because an international team of meteorologists recently...

Is the Amazing Seagull Video a Marketing Hoax?

A charming new YouTube video purports to show a seagull stealing a woman's camera and catching a view of a San Francisco sunset, all before placing the camera back on the ground for her to retrieve. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Apple needs more than iPhone 5: analysts

Asian mobile carriers look set to cash in on the iPhone 5 and its superfast speeds, but the model is not the game-changer that Apple needs if it is to remain top of the heap, analysts said Thursday.

Modeling used to predict age- and season-based distributions of North Sea fish

Climate change is causing the temperature of the sea to rise. This is having an impact on the distribution of sole and plaice species in the North Sea. Researchers from IMARES Wageningen UR and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) have used EU funding to devise a model for predicting the age-based and season-based distribution of these flatfish in the North Sea.

New chickpeas set to revive Australian pulse industry

Two new varieties of chickpea developed by researchers at The University of Western Australia are expected to take the Indian market by storm and turn the tide for an industry that has struggled to recover from a devastating disease that first hit the Western Australian crop in 1999. 

New instrument increases Subaru Telescope's field of view sevenfold

The installation of Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) onto the Subaru Telescope took place on August 16-17, 2012. The availability of this extraordinary new instrument marks the beginning of a new era in observational astronomy and is a testament to the fruits of international collaboration. The 3-ton, 3-meter (9 feet) high instrument mounted at prime focus contains 116 innovative, highly sensitive CCDs....

No more bubbles when boiling water

(Phys.org)—The research, which is the first of its kind, has identified a specially engineered steel surface that allows liquids to boil without bubbling.