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Is Vesta the "Smallest Terrestrial Planet?"

NASA's Dawn probe, now orbiting Vesta in the asteroid belt, has found some surprising things on the giant asteroid--things that have prompted one researcher to declare Vesta "the smallest terrestrial planet."

Could EPA's Wyoming Fracking Report Be the Next 'Gasland'? (ContributorNetwork)

ContributorNetwork - According to a December 9 Associated Press article, the Environmental Protection Agency's draft report, released this week, that states that it may have detected groundwater pollution resulting from hydraulic fracturing "isn't settled science yet." The debate over fracking is likely to continue, the report states.

New Cracks Discovered at Toledo Nuclear Power Plant (ContributorNetwork)

ContributorNetwork - U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich feels the cracks at the nuclear power plant near Toledo were more widespread than the public was lead to believe, according to the Associated Press. The Lake Erie area plant was closed for maintenance in October after employees discovered a hairline crack stretching 30 feet in length. In November additional cracks located near the top of the...

Expanding dead zones are shrinking tropical blue marlin habitat

Scientists sound an alarm that expanding ocean dead zones are shrinking the habitat for high value fish such as marlins, other billfish and tunas in the tropical northeast Atlantic Ocean. Without taking this phenomena into account, scientific fish stock assessments could provide false signals that stocks are healthy, when in fact they are not, thus allowing overfishing that further depletes these...

Anti-stress peptide may block alcohol dependence

New research underlines the power of an endogenous anti-stress peptide in the brain to prevent and even reverse some of the cellular effects of acute alcohol and alcohol dependence in animal models. The work could lead to the development of novel drugs to treat alcoholism.

Pharmacists crucial in plan for terrorist chemical weapons

Terrorist attacks with chemical weapons are a real possibility, according to a new study. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of toxic agents, and how to treat those who have been exposed, pharmacists are an invaluable resource in the event of an actual or potential chemical weapons...

Daily Targeted Attacks Up Fourfold Since January, Symantec Says

Daily targeted attacks are ramping up rapidly -- and the public sector is seeing the brunt of the onslaught. So says the November Symantec Intelligence Report. On average, Symantec blocked 94 targeted attacks each day during the month of November, with at least one attack blocked in the U.S. every day. The public sector saw more than 20 of those targeted attacks, followed closely by the...

First Private Spaceship Flight to Space Station Announced (SPACE.com)

SPACE.com - NASA announced the launch date for the first test flight of a commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station today (Dec. 9). The mission, which will test a vehicle intended to carry cargo, and eventually crew, to orbit, represents an important step for the burgeoning private space industry, experts say.