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Heart attacks over 20 years over 20 years, but rising BMIs may reverse trend, UK study finds

Better control of cholesterol levels and blood pressure and a decline in smoking have contributed to a 74 percent drop in the risk of heart attack among 10,000 London civil servants over a 20-year period, according to new research. However, the reduction would have been even greater were it not for the fact that more people became fatter during this time; the rise in body mass index accounted for...

A double-satellite NASA-style view of the first tropical storm in eastern Pacific: Adrian

The first tropical depression in the Eastern Pacific Ocean is now the first tropical storm, and two satellites are providing NASA insights into its thunderstorms, rainfall, and intensity. NASA satellite data on newly born Tropical Storm Adrian shows high cloud tops and moderate rainfall, indications that the storm is getting stronger, triggering a tropical storm watch in Mexico.

Audit: Mars mission faces hurdles before launch

(AP) -- NASA's next-generation rover to the surface of Mars, which is already overbudget and behind schedule, faces significant hurdles as it races to the launch pad for a November liftoff, an internal audit released Wednesday found.

Huge dictionary project completed after 90 years

An ambitious project to identify, explain and provide citations for the words written in cuneiform on clay tablets and carved in stone by Babylonians, Assyrians and others in Mesopotamia between 2500 B.C. and A.D. 100 has been completed after 90 years of labor, the University of Chicago announced June 5.

Stable temperatures boost biodiversity in tropical mountains

We often think of rainforests and coral reefs as hotspots for biodiversity, but mountains are treasure troves for species too -- especially in the tropics, scientists say. But what drives montane biodiversity? The diversity of plants and animals in tropical mountain ranges may have something to do with the stable seasonal temperatures found in the tropics relative to higher latitudes, says a new...