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The End of the Line

Fish are the last wild food, but our oceans are being picked clean. Can farming fish take the place of catching them?

Blog - A Self-Healing Sensor To Monitor Quake-Damaged Buildings

After an earthquake or other catastrophe, collecting structural data is essential. Researchers have made sensors that can repair themselves in the event of failure, keeping that stream of crucial data coming. In the wake of an earthquake, you need information about the structural integrity of buildings in the quake zone in order to determine if it's safe to enter them. For this reason,...

The emotional depth of a cow | Hannah Velten

News that cows have best friends comes as no surprise to those of us who have worked with them – and their mood swingsWho would think that beneath that calm exterior there is a boiling mass of emotions? I'm not talking about Wimbledon champions here, but cows. Yes, cows; those creatures that we eat, and take milk from, but rarely think about. According to new research by scientists at...

A drugstore within

Mesenchymal stem cells were thought to be the key to growing new organs, but research has shown them to be potent protectors and healers in the body. Case Western Reserve University scientists and others find the cells appear effective against a growing list of diseases and conditions.

A gene implicated in speech regulates connectivity of the developing brain

Foxp2, a gene involved in speech and language, helps regulate the wiring of neurons in the brain, according to a study which will be published on July 7 in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics. The researchers identified this functional link by first identifying the major targets of Foxp2 in developing brain tissue and then analyzing the function of relevant neurons.