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How does hand orientation help consumers imagine using products?

Consumers need a little help when it comes to imagining using products, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. Sometimes that means orienting an advertisement toward a dominant hand or helping them picture using the product (like putting a spoon in a soup advertisement).

How plants sense touch, gravity and other physical forces

At the bottom of plants' ability to sense touch, gravity or a nearby trellis are mechanosensitive channels, pores through the cells' plasma membrane that are opened and closed by the deformation of the membrane. Elisabeth Haswell, Ph.D., a biologist at Washington University in St. Louis, is studying the roles these channels play in Arabdopsis plants by growing mutant plants that lack one or more...

Is it best to withhold favorable information about products?

Consumers are more likely to choose products when marketers withhold some favorable information until late in the choice process, according to the Journal of Consumer Research. But marketers need to walk a fine line to disclose information at just the right time.

Lawmakers to honor pioneering US astronauts

The first American astronaut to orbit the Earth and the first men to walk on the moon will receive the US Congress's highest honor at a ceremony on November 16, a top lawmaker announced Friday.

Researchers generate first complete 3-D structures of bacterial chromosome

A team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and the Prince Felipe Research Centre in Spain have deciphered the complete three-dimensional structure of the bacterium Caulobacter crescentus's chromosome. Analysis of the resulting structure -- published this week in Molecular Cell -- has revealed new insights into the function...