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Flash for phones not quite up to snuff

At long last, Adobe's Flash Player is making its way out to modern smart phones. But consumers who have been itching to get Flash content on their phones may find themselves disappointed.

When a Drug Battle Spells Extinction

More than 40 percent of Colombia's 84 distinct indigenous groups are now at risk of extinction because of forced drug-trade recruitment and the fumigation of coca that destroys other crops....

Globe Theatrics

Herbi Dreiner and his students have taken their award-winning particle physics show to Cern, where it went down a stormI'm sitting in the back of the Globe at CERN, Geneva, while the last of our three performances is on: of course it's in French, oh la la.These have been harrowing but also very rewarding days. The long drive, and rehearsal all day on Tuesday. Since we bring so much equipment on...

Facebook is up after glitchy afternoon

(AP) -- A technical glitch blocked or slowed access to Facebook for several hours Thursday, unplugging many of the social-networking site's 500 million users from the constant flow of updates from their friends.

Withering well can improve fertility

Contrary to a thousand face cream adverts, the secret of fertility might not be eternal youth. Research by the ecologist Dr. Carlos Herrera, a Professor of Research at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Seville, Spain has shown that the withering action of flowers may have evolved to protect their seeds. His research is published in the October 2010 issue of the Annals...