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Village ravaged by cancer in Turkey's Cappadocia (AP)

AP - The caves, rock houses and fantastical stone formations in Turkey's Cappadocia draw tourists from around the world. Nestled among the natural wonders, however, lies a village where the earth is believed to deliver death rather than...

Election Coverage Marked by Internet, Mobile Technology

NBC's "Nightly News" on Tuesday flashed a clip of Barack Obama speaking on the night he was elected president two years ago, with anchor Brian Williams remarking on how much younger Obama looked. Plenty had changed in two years, and news organizations harnessed firepower on the air and online to record a long, tough political night for the Democratic president. Republicans were making strong...

Swedish Hotel Replaces Room Keys with Mobile Phones

Visitors to a Stockholm hotel will be able to use mobile phones instead of keys to unlock the doors to their rooms. Assa Abloy AB, the world's largest maker of door locks, has launched a pilot in which Clarion Hotel Stockholm will lend customers mobile phones with close-range radio chips, much like devices used for contact-less payments at gas stations. Repeat visitors during a four-month...

Broadcasters 'Misunderstand' Google TV, Exec Says

Attempts by broadcasters to seek payment for allowing their online video to be viewed through Google Inc.'s new Web-connected TV platform represents a "misunderstanding" of what it is, a Google executive said Tuesday. Broadcasters ABC, NBC and CBS have blocked full episodes of their shows from being accessed through Google TV's Web browser since the product became available last month....

Report: YouTube Banned in Turkey -- Again

Turkey's telecommunications authority will again block access to YouTube unless the video-sharing site removes a sex video of a former opposition party leader, the state-run news agency reported Tuesday. The threat of a new ban comes just three days after Turkey had ended a more than two-year ban on YouTube. The Anatolia news agency said a court, considering a complaint by lawyers...

The Greatest Migration on Earth (LiveScience.com)

LiveScience.com - It was the greatest example of migration by a mammal on Earth - a journey made by a humpback whale across nearly a quarter of the planet. Luckily, with the help of the Internet, scientists managed to capture it on camera.

Chatbot auto-tweets replies to climate change arguments

(PhysOrg.com) -- A software developer has created a "chatbot" program for Twitter to automatically detect set phrases associated with arguments put forward by those skeptical of anthropogenic global warming, and to send automated replies of set phrases debunking their arguments.

New biomarker may help diagnose ectopic pregnancies

Researchers may have identified a promising novel diagnostic biomarker for ectopic pregnancy, according to a study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). In the western world, deaths from ectopic pregnancy are not common but in the developing world one in ten women who are admitted with an ectopic pregnancy die.