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Study: Online undergrads learn well without strong class bond

College students participating in a new study on online courses said they felt less connected and had a smaller sense of classroom community than those who took the same classes in person – but that didnt keep online students from performing just as well as their in-person counterparts.

Tougher rating system evaluates nine supercomputer capabilities

Nine supercomputers have been tested, validated and ranked by the new "Graph500" challenge, first introduced this week by an international team led by Sandia National Laboratories. The list of submitters and the order of their finish was released Nov. 17 at the supercomputing conference SC10 meeting in New Orleans.

What factors contribute to the success or failure of software firms?

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, news about 20-somethings becoming billionaires from the sale of their software companies flooded the media, giving the impression that a good idea was all it took to succeed in the software industry. Jennifer Shang, an associate professor of business management in the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, along with colleagues Shanling Li of McGill University...

Summary Box: Fed governor backs foreclosure fund (AP)

AP - FED GOVERNOR LIKES FUND IDEA: Federal Reserve Gov. Elizabeth Duke voiced approval for a fund that would compensate borrowers whose homes were improperly foreclosed upon. The fund would be modeled on the one created for victims of the BP oil spill.

BP's probation over Alaska oil spill challenged (Reuters)

Reuters - BP's Alaska unit should have its criminal probation revoked and be subject to additional penalties because the company continued negligent behavior even after pleading guilty over its 2006 Prudhoe Bay pipeline spill, a federal probation officer said.

D.C. Forum: Bed Bugs a National Threat

You might think that politicians have enough on their plates, trying to fix the economy, fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, deal with humanitarian crises in Haiti and Pakistan, and other matters of national import. But money talks, especially in ...