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999: The human face of economic crisis

As the economy continues to unravel, a series of papers published today assess the effects of the crisis on children's health, education, and rights in East Asia and the Pacific. Crisis for Children, a special issue of the journal Global Social Policy, asserts investments can be made that will not only advance children's rights and break the cycle of poverty, but also safeguard countries' future...

Disease-causing Escherichia coli: 'I will survive'

Strains of Escherichia coli bacteria that cause food poisoning have been shown to have marked differences in the numbers of genes they carry compared to laboratory strains of E. coli. Some of these genes may enable them to survive stresses such as those caused by modern food processing techniques or exploit food sources that laboratory E. coli strains cannot use.

Work conditions impact parents' food choices

Since most parents in the US are employed, there are competing demands on their time that can compromise food choices for themselves and their children. How parents cope with these demands and how work conditions are related to food choice coping strategies are the subjects of a study in the September/October issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Findings suggest that better...

Light at the speed of a bicycle and much more

The speed of light, 300 million metres per second, was long thought an immutable constant and has defined our understanding of matter and energy but recent research in the area of optics and photonics is proving that we can manipulate light to some ingenious and hugely lucrative ends.

How Air Pollution Can Damage the Heart

Adding to the burgeoning evidence that air quality may have a direct impact on heart health, a new study finds a measurable increase in blood pressure due to traffic pollution.

Q&A: The Future of Human Enhancement

TIME talks to scientist Nick Bostrom about how medicine and technology arecombining to improve our physical and mental abilities and even dramaticallyextend human life

Researchers aim to simplify a compound that acts on alpha-tubulin to slow down the process of cell division associated w

Research is being carried out to design and synthesise a new generation of compounds that act on the tubulin molecule, involved in cell multiplication, through a mechanism that has not yet been used in chemotherapy. The researchers will then evaluate its anticarcinogenic potential for later application as a therapeutic treatment. This work is being done by the Organic Synthesis group of the...

Wind power: Obama's promises just hot air so far

President Barack Obama is still at least a year away from seeing wind turbines take root anywhere off the U.S. coast, even though his administration has promised to make offshore wind a priority, and even though developers are lining up to string wind farms up and down the Atlantic seaboard.