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The Nation's Weather (AP)

AP - Forecasters predicted a system stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast would bring cooler temperatures to the eastern part of the country on...

California wildfires could snuff out rare species

Some rare types of trees, butterflies and other wildlife could lose their struggle for survival after this month's southern California fires, which ravaged one of the most unique, biodiverse areas in the world, scientists say.

'Nervous' Birds Take More Risks

Scientists have shown that birds with higher stress levels adopt bolder behavior than their normally more relaxed peers in stressful situations. The scientists studied zebra finches, which had been selectively bred to produce three distinct types -- "laid-back," "normal" and "stressed." The group was surprised to find that the "stressed" birds were bolder and took more risks in a new environment...

Cancer: Clinical Studies In The Pipeline

Several recent studies demonstrate the flexibility of targeted therapy techniques, where new drugs can be developed and tested in human trials more quickly and safely than ever before. Therapeutics demonstrate the flexibility of targeted therapy techniques, where new drugs can be developed and tested in human trials more quickly and safely than ever before.

Decoding Effects Of Toxins On Embryo Development Apparent

Changes in gene expression patterns in zebrafish embryos resulting from exposure to environmental toxins can identify the individual toxins at work, according to new research. The genetic response of zebrafish to each toxin can be read like a barcode, offering researchers a potential method for identifying the effects of the toxin on developing vertebrate embryos.

Dwarf Galaxies Need Dark Matter Too, Astronomers Say

Stars in dwarf spheroidal galaxies behave in a way that suggests the galaxies are utterly dominated by dark matter, astronomers have found. Astronomers measured the velocity of 6,804 stars in seven dwarf satellite galaxies of the Milky Way. They found that, contrary to what Newton's law of gravity predicts, stars in these galaxies do not move slower the farther they are from their galaxy's core.

Huge Numbers Want Cosmetic Surgery, Study Finds

Most women, and large numbers of men, expressed interest in having cosmetic surgery, university scientists report. Forty-eight percent of women surveyed said they would be interested in cosmetic surgery, liposuction or both, and another 23 percent said they would possibly be interested. Among men, 23 percent said they would be interested in surgery, with 17 percent expressing possible interest.

Parasites A Key To The Decline Of Red Colobus Monkeys In Forest Fragments

Forest fragmentation threatens biodiversity, often causing declines or local extinctions in a majority of species while enhancing the prospects of a few. A new study shows that parasites can play a pivotal role in the decline of species in fragmented forests. This is the first study to look at how forest fragmentation increases the burden of infectious parasites on animals already stressed by...

Precise Pictures Of Cell Target For Drugs Made

More than half of all drugs given to patients work by targeting a particular type of "docking station," or receptor, found on body cells, to steer the cell's machinery toward healing an illness. Researchers have determined what one of those receptors looks like at the molecular level, giving them the keys to greater control of the process.

Predators And Parasites May Increase Evolutionary Stability

A new study explores the role of natural enemies, such as predators and parasites, for mixed mating, a reproductive strategy in which hermaphroditic plants and animals reproduce through both self- and cross-fertilization. The findings highlight the possible evolutionary consequences of these interactions. Mating systems are a complex set of traits that reflect interactions among genetics,...

Scientists Find New Causes For Neurodegeneration

Diseases that cause neurons to break down, such as Alzheimer's, continue to be elusive to scientists and resistant to treatments. A new finding demonstrates an unpredicted link between a virtually unknown signaling molecule and neuron health. Scientists connect the loss of this molecule to massive neurodegeneration in the brain, which plays a key role in the survival of nervous system cells.

Supernovae Not What They Used To Be; Distant Supernovae Distinctly Brighter

Exploding stars that light the way for research on dark energy aren't as powerful or bright, on average, as they once were, say astronomers. The study, which compared supernovae in nearby galaxies with those that exploded up to nine billion light years away in the distant universe, found the distant supernovae were an average of 12 per cent brighter. The distant supernovae were brighter because...

Visual Screening For Rare Objects Surprisingly Inaccurate: Hands Quicker Than Eyes

That fleeting moment of regret between clicking the wrong icon and seeing an unwanted web page pop onto the screen could make a huge difference in improving the accuracy of visual searches in medicine and homeland security. Visual screening is critical to such things as early cancer diagnosis and airport security, but paradoxically the more rare the object being searched for becomes, the lower the...

Women Still Face Cancer Risk 25 Years After Treatment

Women are still at risk of developing invasive cancer of the cervix or vagina 25 years after being treated for precancerous lesions, according to a new study. Women who have had severe cell changes in the cervix and who have been operated on for them run twice the risk of developing cancer later in life, compared with other women. Cancer experts are now calling for cytological smears to be offered...

World's Hottest Chile Pepper Discovered

Researchers at New Mexico State University recently discovered the world's hottest chile pepper. Bhut Jolokia, a variety of chile pepper originating in Assam, India, has earned Guiness World Records' recognition as the world's hottest chile pepper by blasting past the previous champion Red Savina.

Astronauts conduct second spacewalk (AP)

AP - Two astronauts set out Sunday for the second spacewalk of Discovery's mission to the international space station, aiming to add equipment to the outside of the new Harmony addition and inspect a couple areas of concern on the orbiting...

NASA crew set for new space walk (AFP)

AFP - Astronauts hunkered down in an airlock ready for the second spacewalk of NASA's latest shuttle mission on Sunday, to install more hardware on an orbiting station hundreds of miles above...

Ga. astronomy village fills up quickly (AP)

AP - The most important rule at this remote vacation spot is simple: no white light. Even a sliver of the pupil-contracting rays coming from the window of a cabin at Deerlick Astronomy Village could ruin a neighbor's view of the Milky Way. The 96-acre village in rural Taliaferro County in eastern Georgia is designed for amateur stargazers looking for total darkness and wide-open spaces to build...