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New cell death pathway involved in sperm development

Heavy and bulky sperm would not be good swimmers. To trim down, sperm rely on cell death proteins called caspases, which facilitate the removal of unwanted cellular material and radically remodel these cells into their sleek, light shape. New research from scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Rockefeller University has now uncovered a new pathway that regulates these killer...

Online Anti-Piracy Firm's E-Mails Leaked

(AP) -- Hackers who intercepted e-mail from MediaDefender Inc., a firm that tries to stymie unauthorized downloading of songs and movies on behalf of record companies and Hollywood film studios, have released hundreds of megabytes of data on the Internet.

Yahoo to Buy Zimbra for $350M

(AP) -- Yahoo Inc. is buying e-mail service Zimbra Inc. for $350 million in an all-cash deal that may open a new revenue channel for the slumping Internet icon.

Gene Abnormality Tied To Getting Parkinson's Disease At A Younger Age

People with a certain gene mutation are more likely to get Parkinson's disease before the age of 50 compared to those without the gene abnormality, according to a new study. The study found 14 percent of the people with Parkinson's disease carried mutations in the GBA gene compared to only five percent of people without the disease. The gene abnormality was found in 22 percent of people who were...

Imperiled Reefs In Florida Keys Under Study

Scientists and educators from NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program embarked on a nine-day mission to the world's only undersea scientific facility on Sept. 17. While living underwater in the Aquarius ocean laboratory, scientists will investigate changes to corals and marine life in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and broadcast their activities in real time to students and general...

Deep Sequencing May Lead To Hardier Strains Of Rice

Using a novel "deep sequencing" technology that can in one fell swoop decode 50 million sequences representing well over a billion bases of DNA, a research team is working to unmask where, why and how certain genes are switched on or off in rice -- a crop vital to the world's food supply. The project may lead to development of hardier strains of rice and other cereal grains.

New Light Shed On Hybrid Animals

What began more than 50 years ago as a way to improve fishing bait in California has led a researcher to a significant finding about how animal species interact and that raises important questions about conservation. In the middle of the 20th century, local fishermen who relied on baby salamanders as bait introduced a new species of salamander to California water bodies. These Barred Tiger...