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No Refunds for App Store May Mean Quality Problems

Apple's policy of offering almost no refunds for applications purchased from its App Store may have implications for business users beyond the waste of a few dollars, according to In-Stat analyst Allen Nogee. He said the policy may be a yellow flag that applications are being poorly tested and more likely to carry malware. Apple's ground rules are clear. Section 12b of the App Store's terms and...

Day care next frontier in fighting kids' obesity

(AP) -- Grilled chicken replaced the hot dogs. Strawberries instead of cookies at snack time. No more fruit juice - water or low-fat milk only. This is the new menu at a Delaware day care center, part of a fledgling movement to take the fight against obesity to pudgy preschoolers.

Growth versus global warming

(PhysOrg.com) -- Houses on stilts, small scale energy generation and recycling our dishwater are just some of the measures that are being proposed to prepare our cities for the effects of global warming.

Google Voice Call Limits Blamed on 'Exorbitant' Rates

Google quickly responded to a Federal Communications Commission letter released Friday requesting further information about its policy on blocking calls to selected telephone exchanges. While Google admits to having a policy that restricts Google Voice calls to phone numbers in a small number of rural areas, Google counsel Richard Whitt said the reason behind the policy is simple. Telecom...

Most H1N1 patients with respiratory failure treated with oxygenating system survive illness

Despite the severity of disease and the intensity of treatment, most patients in Australia and New Zealand who experienced respiratory failure as a result of 2009 influenza A(H1N1) and were treated with a system that adds oxygen to the patient's blood survived the disease, according to a study to appear in the November 4 issue of JAMA. This study is being published early online because of its...

Sickest swine flu cases in Canada, Mexico detailed

(AP) -- Rapidly worsening breathing problems in the sickest swine flu patients in Mexico and Canada present a scary worst-case scenario and could foreshadow what U.S. doctors face as winter flu season sets in, new reports suggest.

Dyslexia varies across language barriers

Chinese-speaking children with dyslexia have a disorder that is distinctly different, and perhaps more complicated and severe, than that of English speakers. Those differences can be seen in the brain and in the performance of Chinese children on visual and oral language tasks, reveals a report published online on October 12th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication.

Google board member steps down

(AP) -- Google Inc. said Monday that a board member who also serves as a director for computer maker Apple Inc. is stepping down, removing a potential conflict of interest as the two companies look to compete more directly.

Herbivory discovered in a spider

There are approximately 40,000 species of spiders in the world, all of which have been thought to be strict predators that feed on insects or other animals. Now, scientists have found that a small Central American jumping spider has a uniquely different diet: the species Bagheera kiplingi feeds predominantly on plant food.