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French Physicists Calculate Mean First Passage Time

First Passage Time, (FTP) can best be understood by pondering the question, "How long does it take a random walker to reach a given target?" The FTP is key to predicting the spread of disease, neuron firing dyanmics and more.

MIT's 'robocar' named a finalist in DARPA Urban Challenge

Team MIT has made it to the finals of the DARPA Urban Challenge, a competition for cars and trucks that run without human help. The qualification was announced Thursday, Nov. 1, by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, who is sponsoring the competition with the goal of developing vehicles that can operate on their own in battle and keep humans out of harm's way.

Study: Fountain of youth for your heart?

An age-related decline in heart function is a risk factor for heart disease in the elderly. While many factors contribute to a progressive age-related decline in heart function, alterations in the types of fuels the heart uses to produce energy also play important roles. Jason Dyck and his research team at the University of Alberta have been studying the types of fuels used by the heart in young...

Teamwork increases student learning and career success

A two-year study of college students at The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) proves that students learn better and develop higher-level skills by participating in cooperative (team) activities, compared to traditional classroom teaching methods.

Scientists Decode Most of Cat's DNA

An Abyssinian cat from Missouri, named Cinnamon, has just made scientific history. Researchers have largely decoded her DNA, a step that may aid the search for treatments for both feline and human diseases. The report adds cats to the roughly two dozen mammals whose DNA has been unraveled, a list that includes dogs, chimps, rats, mice, cows and of course, people. Why add cats? They get...

Group: Freshwater Fish Face Extinction

More than one in three of Europe's freshwater fish species faces extinction because ecosystems are being destroyed, the World Conservation Union said Thursday. Scientists from Switzerland and Germany have found that 200 of the 522 species of European freshwater fish are threatened by the rapid development of agriculture and industry over the past 100 years, the group said. The union, a...

Brain Scan Abnormalities Not Uncommon

One in 60 older people may be walking around with benign brain tumors and don't know it. Even more may have bulging blood vessels in the head that could burst. These results come from a surprising new Dutch study that finds brain abnormalities are not all that uncommon. It's not clear how alarming this is. Most of the abnormalities hadn't caused any symptoms, though some were potentially...

Consumer Groups Want FCC To Stop Comcast

Two consumer groups have filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against Comcast for blocking or delaying certain Internet traffic on its network. "Comcast is engaging in substantial network neutrality violations. Specifically, Comcast is secretly degrading innovative protocols used for transporting and sharing large files," Free Press and Public Knowledge said in a...

MySpace Joins Google's OpenSocial

Google's OpenSocial initiative -- a set of programming interfaces for social-networking sites -- got a whole lot more heft Thursday when MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe walked onto the stage at a Googleplex press conference. On Wednesday, as Google preannounced the initiative, OpenSocial seemed like a coalition of the weak, boasting minor social-networking players such as Plaxo, Flixster, and...

'PIN Codes' Of The Immune System Can Be Hacked

There are several reasons why the world is still plagued by diseases we cannot treat or vaccinate against, one of them being the vast complexity of the human immune system. Danish researchers have now developed a method, which can help expose a complicated but crucial part of the immune system's defense mechanisms. This method can lead to entirely new vaccines and treatments.

Alarming Rate Of Drinking And Driving Among Rural Middle Schoolers Found

Warnings that alcohol and driving don't mix are generally targeted at adults or high school students, but a new study finds that some middle schoolers in rural areas are drinking and driving as well. Researchers surveyed 290 middle school students in the Mississippi Delta and found that 17 percent had driven an automobile after drinking.