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Physicist Create Most Intense Operating Positron Beam Ever

There were high-fives all around NC State University's PULSTAR nuclear reactor earlier this month, as students, staff and faculty celebrated a new scientific benchmark -- they had just produced the most intense operating positron (antimatter electron) beam anywhere in the world.

Treatment For Alcoholism Could Be Selected Based On Genetics

Previous studies have shown that the GABRA2 gene is related to the risk for alcohol dependence. New research goes one step further, looking at how variation in the GABRA2 gene may affect drinking behavior over time and how people respond to alcohol treatment. Variation in GABRA2 can modify overall drinking behavior, and may also have an impact on the success of certain types of psychotherapy used...

China And ESA Launch Moon Mission -- Chang'e-1

A bold new mission to the Moon was launched by the Chinese National Space Administration. Chang'e-1 blasted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Sichuan, atop a Long March 3A rocket. This represents the first step in the Chinese ambition to land robotic explorers on the Moon before 2020.

Everglades Phosphorus Limits On The Right Track, But More Is Needed

State and federal standards for phosphorus releases into the Everglades seem sufficient to protect the huge wetland's resident plants and animals from damage, but pollutant levels still reach double or triple safe levels near some of the Everglades' outer edges. A six-year study has tracked how various phosphorus levels affected natural communities in two research sites inside the Everglades.

Is There Any Alternative To Control Multisteps Of Ulcers?

Ulcers are a worldwide challenging disease, and researchers have long been seeking effective antiulcer alternatives. A research group in India has revealed that a bioactive polysaccharide from an edible root, Decalepis hamiltonii, commonly called swallow root, could offer protection at all critical steps of gastric ulcer.

Not Just Humans Benefit From Animal Biotechnology

Laboratory animals are the source of major discoveries and breakthroughs in biology, not just in tackling disease but also unravelling fundamental molecular processes. New technology capable of analysing animal genes across the whole genome is now yielding many benefits for agriculture and human society.