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Using Catalysts To Stamp Nanopatterns Without Ink

Using enzymes from E. coli bacteria, chemists and engineers have introduced a hundred-fold improvement in the precision of features imprinted to create microdevices such as labs-on-a-chip. The inkless microcontact printing technique can imprint details measuring close to 1 nanometer, or billionths of a meter.

Calif. aims to rid lake of northern pike (AP)

AP - State workers on Tuesday began pouring a toxic chemical into a lake nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada as part of California's decade-long effort to exterminate a predatory northern...

How Does The Brain Develop During Embryogenesis?

One of the great questions of neurobiology, how the brain is built up during embryonic development, could be resolved by a young scientist. The research will focus on two key processes involved in development of neural circuitry in the forebrains of young mammals as they grow. One of these processes concerns the formation of connections between neurons, the nerve cells of the brain. These...

Legal Proceedings Can Be Therapeutic, Study Finds

It may seem that therapy and law do not share a common bond, but one law professor is making that connection by developing a body of knowledge to prove that legal proceedings can be calming and supportive. The theory and practice the scientist helped create -- termed "therapeutic jurisprudence" -- could strengthen interactions between clients and judges and improve the way trials and hearings run....

NASA to embark on asteroid-belt mission (AP)

AP - NASA is about to embark on an unprecedented asteroid-belt mission with a spacecraft aptly named Dawn. The 3 billion-mile, eight-year journey to probe the earliest stages of the solar system will begin with liftoff, planned for just after sunrise Thursday. Rain is forecast, however, and could force a...

Encryption Faulted in TJX Hacking

(AP) -- Hackers stole millions of credit card numbers from discount retailer TJX Cos. by intercepting wireless transfers of customer information at two Miami-area Marshalls stores, according to an eight-month investigation by the Canadian government.

Ancient wall found in Iran

Archaeologists in northern Iran have uncovered the remains of a 124-mile-long wall, the second longest such structure in Asia after the Great Wall of China.

Radiation Oncologists Use Real-time System To Plant 'Seeds' Against Cancer

Radiation oncologists and urologists have begun using a real-time system to implant radiation-emitting seeds in prostate cancer patients. While the system is only being used for imaging and planning so far, it ultimately will help in placing the seeds. The team hopes that the technology will make a good system even better, adding scientific precision to a treatment that currently relies mainly on...

Smithsonian Experts Put A Name To A Face In Pre-Civil War Era Forensic Case

Researchers have determined the identity of a pre-Civil War era individual buried in a cast iron coffin that was discovered in Washington, D.C., in 2005 by a utility crew. After a complete forensic examination in 2005 and two years of genealogical research, the boy in the iron coffin has been identified as William Taylor White, a 15-year-old from Accomack County, Va.,