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Record Companies Win Music Sharing Trial

(AP) -- The recording industry hopes $222,000 will be enough to dissuade music lovers from downloading songs from the Internet without paying for them. That's the amount a federal jury ordered a Minnesota woman to pay for sharing copyrighted music online.

VA investigating nine deaths

The Veterans Health Administration is investigating nine patient deaths linked to surgeries at the VA Medical Center in Marion, Ill.

'Halo 3' Rings Up $300M in First Week

(AP) -- Gamers around the globe dropped nearly $300 million on "Halo 3" in the week since the first-person shooter for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 console debuted, the company said Thursday.

Retailers, Credit Card Industry Clash

(AP) -- Retailers and the credit card industry are at odds as they try to restore consumer confidence after recent massive thefts of credit card information. The National Retail Federation on Thursday urged a card industry organization to stop requiring retailers to keep customers' card numbers for up to 18 months.

Indonesia aims to plant 79 million trees (AP)

AP - Indonesia, which is losing its forests faster than any other country, hopes to plant 79 million trees in a single day ahead of a major U.N. climate change meeting this year, a forestry ministry spokesman said Friday.

Fifty Years After Sputnik

Fifty years after Sputnik 1 -- the first artificial satellite -- was launched into orbit, scientists looks back at the story of that particular mission and examines some of key issues of modern satellite technology, from navigation with GPS and Earth observation to the dangers of "space junk" and the potential weaponization of space.

Fungus Genome Yielding Answers To Protect Grains, People And Animals

Why a pathogen is a pathogen may be answered as scientists study the recently mapped genetic makeup of a fungus that spawns the worst cereal grains disease known and also can produce toxins potentially fatal to people and livestock. The fungus, which is especially destructive to wheat and barley, has resulted in an estimated $10 billion in damage to U.S. crops over the past 10 years. The...

New Strategies With Greater Antitumorous Efficacy

One of the biggest problems in the current treatment of cancer is that the agents that are efficacious in the destruction of tumorous cells are, at the same time, extremely toxic for the rest of the healthy cells and tissues of the patient.

Thumb-size Microsystem Enables Cell Culture And Incubation

Integrating silicon microchip technology with a network of tiny fluid channels, some thinner than a human hair, researchers have developed a thumb-size micro-incubator to culture living cells for lab tests. The scientists have successfully used the micro-incubator to culture baby hamster kidney cells over a three-day period.

The Changing Face of Breast Cancer

Once a disease of the Western world, breast cancer has become a global concern. How women, doctors and communities are fighting back and bringing hope to those in need

Crows bend twigs into tools to find food (AP)

AP - Mounting tiny video cameras to the tail feathers of crows, researchers discovered that the birds use a variety of tools to seek food, and even make their own tools, plucking, smoothing and bending twigs and grass...

First Significant Genetic Finding In Severe PMS, Or PMDD

The first significant genetic finding in premenstrual dysphoric disorder has now been reported. PMDD is a very severe form of the more commonly known premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. PMDD is heritable, affects 5 to 8 percent of women, and is associated with severe emotional and physical problems, such as irritability, marked depressed mood, anger, headaches, weight gain and more, to such an extent...

Galapagos Hawk's Evolutionary History Illuminated

Scientists used DNA sequences from feather lice to study how island populations of their host, the Galápagos Hawk might have colonized the Galápagos islands, home to the endangered and declining raptor. The study focuses on genes from three parasite species restricted to the Galápagos Hawk.