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Card-counting whiz eyes Facebook football fantasy

(AP) -- By the time he graduated from MIT, Jeff Ma already had led a life many guys dream about. His card-counting prowess at blackjack tables during wild weekends in Las Vegas and Atlantic City won him and his college buddies millions of dollars, inspiring a best-selling book and the recent movie "21."

Practical Cloaking Devices On The Horizon?

(PhysOrg.com) -- Invisibility cloaks get a step closer to realization, with the demonstration of a new material that can bend (visible) light the 'wrong' way for the first time in three dimensions.

Scientists identify another piece of the weight-control puzzle

Controlling body weight is a complicated process, as any frustrated dieter might attest. But as scientists continue to investigate the brain's intricate neurocircuitry and its role in maintaining energy balance, they are forming a clearer picture of the myriad events that lead to weight gain and weight loss.

What is Blood Doping? (LiveScience.com)

LiveScience.com - Once any starting gun is fired at an Olympic event in Beijing, every split second counts to the elite athletes. And that's where blood doping comes in, particularly in endurance sports.

Global AIDS prevention gives short shrift to gays

(AP) -- Jorge Saavedra's moment of truth came in the middle of an impassioned speech to 5,000 people about the paltry amount of money being spent to stop the spread of AIDS among gay men. The Mexican federal official paused, then said publicly for the first time that he was gay.