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Astronomers: Neptune's south pole warmer (AP)

AP - Scientists say that Neptune, one of the coldest planets in the solar system, has a surprising warm spot — relatively speaking. An international team of astronomers has found that Neptune's south pole is warmer than other parts of the...

States Move Toward the Center on I.T.

West Virginia is part of a wave of states that are embracing data center and server consolidation in their government I.T. operations. It's replacing 85 e-mail servers that run a half-dozen different applications with four Exchange-based systems -- two for production, and two for backup. And that's just for starters. Kyle Schfer, West Virginia's chief technology officer, wants to extend the...

Bend it like... a Millipede?

While industry spends billions bending and shaping sheets of metal, a team in this year's UQ Business School Enterprize competition claims that it can do it better - and cheaper.

Collapsing structures to be tested in revamped UW engineering lab

Just as Minneapolis now finds itself in the middle of a national debate on bridge safety, so the Puget Sound area was some 70 years ago. The infamous collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 prompted a national discussion on bridge engineering. It also provided the impetus for founding University of Washington's Structural Research Laboratory, which opened its doors in 1948 in the school's...

Experiments challenge models about the deep Earth

In the first experiments able to mimic the crushing, searing conditions found in Earth`s lower mantle, and simultaneously probe tell-tale properties of iron, scientists have discovered that material there behaves very differently than predicted by models. The research also points to the likelihood of a new zone deep in the Earth. The work is published in the September 21, 2007, issue of Science.

i.play Offers Video Game-like Playground Equipment

For children of today`s generation, swings and slides don`t seem to cut it anymore—not when you have an Xbox and Playstation in your living room. In an attempt to curb the rising childhood obesity rates partially associated with indoor electronics, researchers in the UK have designed an outdoor playground unit based on the concepts of video games.

Low-Alpha Mode Increases Possibilities at SSRL

Since the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) began experiments in 1973, it has proven to be a bottomless well of scientific discovery. Now, a team of SLAC accelerator physicists is working to add new functionality to the SPEAR synchrotron accelerator. The team—James Safranek, Xiaobiao Huang and Andrei Terebilo—has tested a new "low-alpha mode" for SPEAR that results in shorter...

Review: Archos 605 WiFi Doesn't Impress

(AP) -- Sporting a brushed metal case, a crisp, wide touch screen and wireless Internet capabilities, the latest portable media gadget from Archos sounds like a match for the newest iPods.

Scientists report new strategy to create genetically-modified animals

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine have demonstrated the potential of a new strategy for genetic modification of large animals. The method employs a harmless gene therapy virus that transfers a genetic modification to male reproductive cells, which is then passed naturally on to offspring.

Security Concern Halted Wis. Ebola Study

(AP) -- University of Wisconsin-Madison research on the deadly Ebola virus was conducted for a year in a less-secure laboratory than required, until the National Institutes of Health alerted the school to the problem.

Turkey Orders YouTube Blocked Over Clips

(AP) -- A Turkish court has ordered the country's telecommunications company to block access to the popular video-sharing site YouTube because of clips the court deems insulting to leading political figures.

Ooma Offers Free Calling - For a Price

You can't argue with free, even if it costs $400. On Wednesday, VoIP startup Ooma started selling a $400 box, the Ooma Hub, that allows users to make free calls within the United States. After the initial outlay for the device, which must be connected to a broadband router, calls are free forever. "Ooma is the only company in the history of the telecom industry to offer you the opportunity to...