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Victims Of Child Maltreatment More Likely To Perpetrate Youth Violence, Intimate Partner Violence

Some people are caught in a cycle of violence, perhaps beginning with their own abuse as a child and continuing into perpetration or victimization as an adult. To interrupt this cycle, it is important to understand how childhood experiences are related to behavior later in life. Researchers are examining how forms of child maltreatment victimization and youth violence and young adult intimate...

Communication With Cancer Patients Is Critically Important

For the 10 million Americans who are living with cancer or have survived it, one factor may be most indispensable for keeping their spirits intact: communication. Effective communication is truly essential to good cancer care and deserves more research. Without the ability to understand what is happening, how can patients make life-altering medical decisions, cope with and find meaning in their...

Stomach Ache? It May Be Newly Recognized Inflammatory Reaction

As many as one in four people in westernized countries experience pain or discomfort in their upper abdomen, and physicians have almost nothing to offer except antacid medicines, which usually don't work. Now, in a small but novel study, researchers have found evidence that an abnormal amount of inflammatory cells populates the upper intestine of affected individuals, which suggests a fresh way of...

Wild Salmon Endangered By Failure To Contain Sea Lice From Salmon Farms

Scientists throughout Canada have written an open letter to the Canadian government urging a response to the issue of sea lice from salmon farms threatening wild Pacific salmon. The scientists are convinced by the published scientific evidence that the debate is over: sea lice breeding on farmed salmon are threatening BC's wild Pacific salmon.

Scientists breed ducklings in captivity (AP)

AP - Maybe it was the private room with soft moss for nesting, or the duck penthouse about 8 inches off the ground to simulate the raised ridges upon which Steller's eiders like to breed in arctic Alaska, or the older guy who had done some living on the wild side. Whatever it was, this girl got...

Archaeologist takes 2nd look at cannon (AP)

AP - An archaeologist is taking a second look at a small cannon found by fishermen off the Virginia coast more than two decades ago in hopes of determining how it got to the bottom of the ocean — and who left it there.

Group to Build Gas-Monitoring Station

(AP) -- An international group announced plans on Monday to erect what it claims will be the highest-altitude, greenhouse gas-monitoring center to date, to be built atop the Sierra Negra volcano in central Mexico.

Ancient British Bog Provides Clue To Global Warming

Analysis of sediments from a British bog suggest that methane emissions increased due to intense global warming around 55 million years ago. Scientists show that carbon isotope values of hopanoids -- compounds made by bacteria -- suddenly decrease in a manner that can only be explained by switching to a diet of methane. This suggests that methane emissions must have increased at that time.