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Study: Tsunami could kill 1M in S. Asia (AP)

AP - At least a million people in South Asia's Bay of Bengal could be swept to their deaths by a tsunami if a giant earthquake hits off the coast of Myanmar, according to a study published Thursday.

La. court narrows focus of Katrina suits (AP)

AP - The state Supreme Court removed a potential hurdle to hundreds of Hurricane Katrina lawsuits Wednesday, ruling that allegations hospitals lacked evacuation plans are not medical malpractice...

Chemical Culprit In 'Popcorn Worker's Lung' Identified

Researchers have identified a chemical agent that may be a, if not the, culprit in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS), or "popcorn worker's lung," a severe occupational lung disease first noted in 2001 among workers at an American plant that makes microwaveable popcorn. The research examined a population of workers at a chemical plant that produced diacetyl (a key component of butter...

How Much Will You Pay To Live Near People Like You?

Using restricted-access Census data, a new study examines a quarter-million households on a block-by-block basis to yield new results about the correlation between household attributes and school quality. The researchers find that, conditional on income, households prefer to self-segregate on the basis of both race and education.

Can the World Improve on Kyoto?

Australia's conservative, anti-Kyoto prime minister has pushed climate change to the top of the agenda for this week's APEC forum. But can the U.S. and China be brought onboard this time?

Poor Indoor Air Quality Means Poorer Health For Patients With COPD

Poor indoor air quality can significantly worsen health problems in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, according to a recent article. High concentrations of fine particulate pollution -- the type of pollution associated with secondhand smoke and, in developing countries, indoor cooking and heating fires -- were strongly linked to poorer health status.

Underage Drinking Starts Before Adolescence

As schools reopen around the country, a new study finds that parents and teachers should pay attention to alcohol prevention starting as early as fourth grade. A review of national and statewide surveys conducted over the last 15 years shows that among typical 4th graders, 10 percent have already had more than a sip of alcohol and 7 percent have had a drink in the past year. The surveys also show...

Better Bedside Manners

A new study shows that a standardized test of doctor communication skills can help create a nicer, better doctor of the future

Athletes More Prone to Asthma

Even elite athletes find it tough to work out: a new study shows that a surprising number of them suffer from exercise-induced asthma

Oil prices underpinned by storm, OPEC concerns (AFP)

AFP - World oil prices steadied with prices, underpinned by the US Atlantic hurricane season -- which threatens to damage energy facilities -- and expectations that OPEC will keep its output unchanged at a meeting next week, dealers said...

Bush supports APEC climate change pact (AP)

AP - President Bush urged Pacific Rim nations Wednesday to band together on tackling global warming, saying all major polluters must be part of any solution. But finding consensus among Asian leaders at their annual summit has proven...

Henriette heads for mainland (AP)

AP - Hurricane Henriette threatened Mexico's mainland Wednesday after punishing the Los Cabos resorts, while far to the south, the weakening remnants of Hurricane Felix dumped heavy rain over Central America, forcing thousands to...