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One-third Of Spam Is 'Health'-related

A new study has found that a third of all spam messages advertise health products such as drugs and natural health products and that it is easy to purchase prescription drugs and controlled substances advertised in these messages. Scientists studied e-mail messages sent to three accounts over a one month period. The three accounts received 4,153 spam messages (82% of the total messages received),...

Pleasant Odors Can Be Predicted By Molecular Structure

While our perceptions of sights and sounds are known to be based on physical phenomena -- waves' lengths and frequencies -- no such objective basis had been found for the sense of smell. New research reveals that our brains may be hard-wired to perceive smells as more or less pleasant based on variations in the chemical structure of odor molecules.

Re-engineered Human T Cells Effectively Target And Kill Cancerous B Cells

Human white blood cells, engineered to recognize other malignant immune cells, could provide a novel therapy for patients with highly lethal B cell cancers such as acute lymphoblastic leukemia, according to researchers. By administering repeated doses of T cells designed to express an artificial receptor which recognizes human B cells, the researchers were able to eradicate cancer in 44 percent of...

Teaching Adolescents About Condoms

Teaching adolescents to use condoms when abstinence fails is a reasonable strategy for preventing HIV, according to a new article. This finding might appear common sense, but the best way to teach HIV prevention to young people has in fact has been controversial. The "abstinence-only" approach, favored in recent years by US government-sponsored programs, reflects the notion that teaching...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked To Stomach Virus

Chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as ME, is linked to a stomach virus, suggests new research. The researchers base their findings on 165 patients with ME, all of whom were subjected to endoscopy because of longstanding gut complaints.

Flaw Found In Model Describing DNA Elasticity

DNA, the biomolecule that provides the blueprint for life, has a lesser-known identity as a stretchy polymer. Scientists have found a flaw in the most common model for DNA elasticity, a discovery that will improve the accuracy of single-molecule research and perhaps pave the way for DNA to become an official standard for measuring picoscale forces.

No Need For Children With Lazy Eye To Wear Patches All Day

Children with amblyopia (commonly known as lazy eye) need only wear an eye patch for three to four hours a day for 12 weeks to improve vision, say researchers. Patching for all waking hours for up to several years, which is often recommended, is almost certainly excessive, according to a new article.

Oil Spill Clean-up Volunteers Suffer Prolonged Respiratory Problems

Workers and volunteers who helped in the clean-up effort after the 2002 Prestige oil spill off the Galician coast of Spain exhibit prolonged respiratory symptoms resulting from their exposure, say researchers from Spain in the first study to examine the long-term effects of such exposures on workers' respiratory health.

Peat And Forests Save Permafrost From Melting

Scientists find that the demise of the permafrost may be exaggerated because peat and forest cover, which protect the permafrost, have not been factored into research regarding climate change. Previous studies suggested that global warming is rapidly melting permafrost in the North regions.